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Your favorite tourist destination

What destination is your favortie? The one place you think about all the time.

25 Apr '24
4 min read


Traveling is what we all need, we can invest in ourselves and the world. For those who aren't familiar with the benefits of traveling, let me explain it to you. Having the same routine makes us feel guilty because it makes us feel lazy and unmotivated. We have the desire to break free when being in the same routine over and over again. And so traveling helps us to get out of our comfort zone, to help us improve in our personal growth. Personal growth requires taking on a new challenge. Traveling is the best education method, from children to adults, there are no limitations. Because it allows us to learn many things such as culture, customs, languages, and more. 

All of us have traveled to the perfect destination, it can be international, national, or domestic. We had traveled to a destination where we had unforgettable experiences with our friends, family, or by ourselves. We all had the experience of sightseeing, experiencing the culture, and tasting the local cuisine. We have communicated with people in the local area. All of these create memories, the kind we will never forget. We will think about those memories in our daily lives, when we go to work when we sleep at night, when we spend time with friends. We think about those memories and how we want to revisit them. Even though memories can be embarrassing, they make us smile and rather revisit them instead of going through the same routine. The memories make us want to break free from the routine, the memories where we traveled to our favorite destination so here’s mine. 

About nine years ago I travelled to Goa, travelling on a plane wasn't easy from making sure I and a passport in my bag to being in a crowded area at the airport terminal but I was glad I made it through. I did enjoy watching movies with my sister. Some of the best memories I had were going to the beach, burying my feet in the sand, running around the water, tasting the best dishes, and drinking cold beverages. Beaches are my favorite, feeling the wind in my hair, collecting seashells. Along with beaches, sightseeing was the second-best experience in Goa, I loved being surrounded by a different environment, outside my hometown. The last thing I did before returning home was visit the temple, I allowed myself to calm my mind and prayed for being thankful, for allowing me to experience the best travel I had. After returning home, I had a new perspective, seeing everything in a different angle. It helped me to think about my goals, my dreams, and what I wanted to do in the future, I figured out what I needed to do. 

There are other destinations I enjoyed traveling to such as Dubai, Turkey, Africa, and Europe. Each place reminds me of my best times, the best food I had, the best places I visited, and the best time I spent with my friends and family. 

To conclude, all of us want to travel, it depends on each of us. It depends on how we want to travel, some of us want to travel to expensive places, some of us like to travel in the city, and some of us prefer to travel by train instead of a plane. How we want to travel depends on us. It's up to us to decide which destination we want to travel to, how much money we want to spend time on if we want to spend all day in the hotel or spend the whole day traveling around the town. It's up to us. 

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Written by Shreya N

Hello my name is Shreya, I like to read books, cook and write stories.