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Yoga + Aptitude = Yogi?

30 Apr '24
5 min read


Hello friends.  The Yogi in the title and we being common man have a small difference that i have experienced this day, as always, the desire to share our knowledge to you all i have written this article. 

As mentioned above equation that is Yoga(opportunity)+ Aptitude = Yogi This is a simple expression that i came to know, let me explain this formula with some real examples.

A man that i got to know from one of my good books, i read about ARTHUR ROBERT ASHE JR.  World famous American tennis player, 3 Grand Slam winner.

Before his death, he replied to a fan's letter and the message he gave to everyone around the world is touching my hearts.

Here is an extract from Arthur Ashe's letter to one of his admirers

A famous Wimbledon player who died of AIDS virus in 1983 when he underwent heart surgery!  During his illness, he received letters from his fans, which stated:

“Why did God give you a bad disease?”

To this Arthur Ashe replied:

50 million children started the game  tennis, all around the world

⁃ 5 million learned to play tennis,

⁃ 5 lakh became professional tennis players,

⁃ 50 thousand came into the circuit,

⁃  5 thousand Reached Grand Slams,

⁃ 50 people reached Wimbledon,

⁃ 4 people reached semi-finals,

2 reached the finals and when I held the black in my hand, I never asked God:

“why me”

Now how can I ask God:

"why me"  "why me"....?

Diaries... as i always told you that happiness is a state of mind likewise..

Happiness… makes us sweeter.

Trials… makes us stronger!

Sufferings… makes us human!

Failure…makes us humble!

Success… makes us glow!

But faith alone… keeps us going..!

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our life, but many people in this world are dreaming of living our life.

If a child on a farm sees a plane flying overhead, a pilot sees a farmhouse from the plane and returns to the house of dreams. And to his childhood. 

The good life is just what we have grateful for..!

Enjoy ours, we should enjoy what we have…

If wealth is the secret to happiness, the rich should be dancing on the streets.

But only poor kids doing it everyday!

If power ensures security, VIPs must walk safely.

But those who live simple life will sleeping well every night..!

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, celebrities must have the best weddings! 

But the unconditional love and true souls living their love life fullest..!

Live simple, be happy!  Walk humble and love sincerely!.🙏

I inspired by simplicity and i have created my own lifes' principles and one of them is SIMPLICITY IS PROSPERITY 


Second example:

It is a story that we all learnt at a young age and it must cherish throughout our lives.

Everyone knows the kannada story of Punyakoti. One of the prominent poetry. its is like…

( i just translated the same poem in English to the best of my knowledge)

Truth is like our mother and father

Truth is like our family, kith and kins

If we failed to stand by our promises or by our voice ,Beloved Lord will never appreciate our life.

This is the story of Punyakoti, who says that truth is a God.

These are the lines from Govina's song meaning song by gow maatha.

In this story a wild hungry tiger named Arbhutaa who wanted to kill Punyakoti for his appetite, so he jumped on Punyakoti, she seeks permission and told him that about her newly born kid (calf) I'll be back after feeding milk to calf and I'll sacrifice myself to you. After fed to calf Punyakoti came back to tiger and ready to sacrifice her life..

This truthful event changed the tiger,

Arbhuta felt ashamed of being unemotional and he jumped from top of hill and sacrificed his life..

Here i want to say that the tiger named Arbhuta is a yogi who is being portrayed as a villain this made my mind to think about changes that is why i want to shed a light on his character..

Being inspired by a Mahatma like Punyakoti, Arbhuta himself gave up his life and made Punyakoti  to meet one of her children (calf) again. He may unemotional but he has that meticulous sensitive conscience so that he changed his character.

we must appreciate the people who wants to change their behavior to the best and we have to welcome them into the society. Arbhuta had all the characters that i have mentioned in above equation so that i want to call him yogi.

Third example:

Angulimala (means fingers garland) was a rakshasa (ogre) who kills random people he finds on forest and turns their fingers into garland for his decoration. 

Then he changed by the influence of budda and he became sage.  later budda renamed him as Arhat meaning Qualifier

Didn't angulimala  became ARHAT by gradually changing his mind from Buddha's clairvoyance..…

Yoga + Aptitude = Yogi

Yoga (opportunity) comes once in a lifetime, but only with merit, we all can do it, 

one who has this merit is a Yogi.  If everyone realizes this small difference between ordinary people and yogis, then everyone in the world will be the diamond throne of a grand palace...!

At last the only thing is permanent is change!

Thanking you 

Manjunath K R



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Written by Manjunath KR