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Yield Out Unique Thought Honestly.


22 Jan '24
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Every individual in this world or in society wants to be young; it might be in terms of age or physical beauty. WHO defines ‘youth’ as the 15–24-year age group. The physical beauty may curtail at the age of 30 to 35, but every individual, one way or another, needs to stick to this age factor or beauty factor because the major quality of this age is ‘2E’ which means energy and enthusiasm. These two powers sometimes act as a nuclear fusion in youth. These two powers combine to form a single and heavier act by releasing massive results. Sometimes these results will be accurate or inaccurate. These factors may cause significant chaos in their lives, resulting in depression or a loss of interest in their goals.
In this write-up, I am suspending all these ideas and moving towards the idea of ever youth. Youthhood is not just the age of transition; it is turning our heart, mind, and soul into ever youth. To begin with, I would like to reflect on the heart, mind, and soul. These three aspects of every individual can make anyone a young person, but one should be wise enough to organize their thoughts, emotions, enthusiasm, and energy systematically. These aspects should not be jumbled up and create nuisances. The combination of heart, soul, and mind is the nuclear reactor in ourselves. This trio of heart, soul, and mind has a specific role in creating power in every human being, irrespective of their age, physical strength, or beauty. What does youth mean? I would like to expand the word youth as follows: “Yield Out Unique Thoughts, Honestly." Thoughts are more powerful than any other physical strength of the individual. It is unique; it differs from person to person; it should be developed and produced very honestly by oneself. As Swami Vivekananda, the Indian monk and philosopher, states, "Arise, awaken, and stop not till the goal is reached.” He focuses more on the development of thought in oneself; the first word arise means to come to light. What is to be brought to light? The thought should be desired and designed in the heart. This thought is not as simple as what we think. It has the power to transform our weak physical strength into our strongest mindset. Awake means fully conscious of thought, which is a driving force for us mentally to achieve what should be achieved, and later he discusses stopping not until the goal is reached, which means the constant desire and dedication in the heart and mind that push the soul to reach its target without any hiccup. All three are interconnected. To be a young person, it is very mandatory to have a heart of desire for the goal, the strongest mind to achieve it, and the never-ending spirit of honesty to achieve whatever may come our way.
There are many great youths who lived among us and taught us to be ever-young. I would like to reflect on the two personalities, which are none other than Nelson Mandela and Colonel Sanders. As I stated in my article, youthhood is not just about physical appearance and age; it is about designing our hearts, souls, and minds to be young to achieve our goals.
To begin with, I would like to speak about Nelson Mandela, who became the president of South Africa at the age of 76. He was deeply rooted by his thought of equality in his heart; it made his mind set to yield his thought without having any doubt on what he had to do. He stated that “everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do." These words of Mandela show us how he has formatted his heart, mind, and soul in his thought of equality. He had the spirit of honesty in bringing up his idea of equality. When we could go through the autobiography of Mandela, we came across that he was imprisoned for 27 years. He never gave up on his thought, so he has emphasized the growth of within. In the very first line of the above quote, everyone can rise above their circumstances, which means he is stating that each individual has the spirit of youth, but we failed to coordinate with them. During the 27 years of his career, he would have become very passionate about the thought of equality, so even at the age of 76, he could prove to the world that he was still young in his heart, mind, and soul by becoming the President of South Africa. In addition to the above statement, he has specified two characteristics of youth, which are passion and dedication. These two features or characteristics are not as simple as we think; these two are the repeated actions that keep our youthhood ever the same. The passion that rises in the heart never stops the mind from working on the thought that we desire to bring to reality, and the spirit of dedication never stops any individual from easily giving up on what he or she has planned for it. This is how Mandela could prove himself as young in his heart, mind, and soul.
The next personality is nothing but Colonel Herland Sanders, the owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. At the age of 62, the Colonel began his own fried chicken shop. As of 2022, there are at least 25,000 outlets in the world and 819 outlets in India. Colonel Sanders is dead as of December 16, 1980. It’s been 44 years since his death, but still, his unique idea of finger-licking chickens is young and alive among the present-day youth. What made him so young even after his death? Is it the age, or is it the physical strength? We can easily trace out from his life that his thought, which arose in his heart, never allowed his mind to sleep; it used to often wake him up to fulfil his thought without compromising with the hurdles that ever came his way. The 1009 times of rejection were the driving force that drove Sanders to make the best of his thought. He had a spirit of hope in his heart, mind, and soul. The 1009 times rejection was transition time for Sanders; his spirit was so honest in doing the work repeatedly. His act of honesty never stopped his soul from performing his best in his ideas; his heart used to desire to the core, where the mind used to push the soul to find the ultimate outcome of what he wished for in his life.
In conclusion, I would like to say that for every youth, there should be a proper dichotomy between heart and mind. Whenever the heart desires a beautiful thought, the mind should accept the desire with the hope of doing the best, and then the soul will accept the driving force and never allow it to stop by bringing your thought into action. These thoughts are like nuclear energy. As we know, in a positive way, nuclear energy provides us with electricity. In a negative way, it can also destroy the world, but here, I need to focus on the positive side of the energy. Here we stay on like a nuclear reactor. Whenever a strong desire for new thought arises in the heart, the mind should take control over it, and when the spirit of achievement comes out of the soul, the soul should have an enormous amount of courage and hope to spine themselves to make themselves unstoppable like high-voltage electricity. As we have seen the two great personalities, we have come to the conclusion that they were so hopeful and honest in the spirit of their thoughts, and they were ethical in their souls. The characteristics of dedication and passion in them made them stay in youth. It is high time for us to create ourselves as youth, not in age or physical appearance but in our heart, mind, and soul. We need to arise, awaken, and sleep, but not until we stay young. The tips or hints to stay young in our lives are not the age, the physical appearance, or the physical strength; they are nothing but organizing our heart, mind, and soul to focus on the thought that arises in oneself, stay hopeful, and work honestly until our thought becomes action. Yield out your unique thoughts very honestly, like Colonel and Mandela, we stay youth even after we die.

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Written by Alwin Pavan G

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