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Writing Contest - May 2024

25 Apr '24
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Participate in Ayra Writing Contest, May 2024 & Win Double the Incentives !


Registration is Free!

Contest Start Date: 26th April 2024
Contest End Date: 20th May 2024
Winners Announcement Date: 21st May 2024
Allowed Category: Articles, Stories (Short & Long), Poems

Here are the contest Guidelines:

  1. Publish an Article or Story or Poem between 26th April 2024 - 20th May 2024.
  2. Be among the Top 10 Writers based on Audience Score and WIN DOUBLE the Incentive Amount for your Post and receive a Top Writer e-Certificate.
  3. The Top 10 Writers will be chosen from across all categories and languages. Rankings based on categories or languages will not apply to this contest.
  4. Articles, Stories, or Poems must be Original, Non-Plagiarized, and not AI-generated.
  5. Minimum Length for Articles & Stories: 300 words; for Poems: 40 Words.
  6. Writers can submit any number of Posts, but only the best performing Post will be considered for the contest.
  7. Audience Score will be influenced by the Number of Unique Readers, Average Reading Time, Likes, and Comments.
  8. Follow the Submission Guide for Submission of your Post
  9. The incentive payout will be double the current incentives as per Ayra Writers Policy. Click here to see current Ayra Writers Policy.
  10. Double Incentive Amount is capped at up to Rs 1000 per Writer.
  11. Ayra Standard Policy applies.
  12. In the event of any discrepancy, the decision made by the Ayra Team will be final

In case you have any questions or face problems while submitting your article for the contest, kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected] or Call / WhatsApp on +919740878425 .

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