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Who is behind bars?

30 Apr '24
3 min read


Hello friends…

I was so inspired to write when the  transcript asked us to discuss about "Behind Bars".

There is a historical line, " For us, the prisoner look  standing behind the bars. But for him, we appear behind the bars,. isn't it?

This saying is literally true.  If all the criminals are to be put behind the bars, the earth should be fenced. That is the situation.  Here it is difficult to find which is true, which is false as everything is in confusion.  Whom should be questioned or whom should not to, when the security fence itself is being impotent and started to graze the field.?

Friends, if we want our country to change, first we must  change our way of thinking.  As long as there is material worship and personal worship exits, untill then  everything will be in chaos.

The constitution of our country has given the greatest law, indeed it is the greatest. This much  freedom of speech is not found in any other country out of 195 countries, 7 continents.  Should this to be used for the devolopment of the country, or should be used to betray our morals and our constitution, by speaking in favor of someone who has no moral or no ethics ?

As mentioned earlier, "Self-esteem is like pot filled with churning milk, but not like a broken pot."  Self-respect is not anyone's property. If it dies, our existence is worthless.

When the country's law and justice are serving only the rich or potents, then  is it the life behind the bars is only for the helpless innocents.!?

Like movie lyrics, the house of justice has two doors. This is the testimony of our real condition.

Do we all have to stay behind bars until this second door closes? 

What is the need or necessity of second door for those who are on the side of justice, ethics and truth?  Think! if we are behind such social elements, will not our morality questions us?

According to DV Gundappa,famous poet says Pukulas (the impotents) are behind adharma (Iniquitous). while the brave one's are with Dharma.

You know the ultimate trait of a brave man is politeness.

Friends!!, remember that all of us should have 3 main characters which  are  sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. But at the same time, we must be  aware of where it should be used  and where should not.

The three attributes are Sattvic (tendency toward selfless service), Rajasic (tendency toward ambition and activity), Tamasic (tendency toward lethargy and rigidity).

Our support should have to be for Dharma and save ourselves from the dark shadow of Adharma.

As we mentioned before, the life behind bar is not miserable, not ugly.  So many intellectuals, students and innocent people who have been punished for even a small mistake have created their lives there too. 

We have to be aware that there are plethora of examples, where so many flowers have bloomed even behind the bars. While, there are so many innocent minds crying in golden cages inside the society.

“It is natural to make a mistake. But rectifying that mistake is the great deed. And to forgive such great people, bring them up and welcoming them to the society is the best act of greatness”

Here the person is not great, but the personality is great. The choice is ours.

Thank you

Manjunath KR



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Written by Manjunath KR