What would your choice have been ?

05 Jun '24
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After a hectic morning and a lazy afternoon spent browsing the social media abound with all the mothers day wishes and posts , 
Trying hard to maintain a calm and reconcile to the fact that you were just a figment of my imagination , trying to let those stinging tears not fall down , I forced myself to get out of home , consoling myself that it might be the Smonday blues that had gotten to me ...
As your dad and I walked to get through a few purchases I almost was sure and confident that this day would pass without my mandatory conversations with you ! This day when not thinking of you is near impossible ! 
We stopped by the local "chaatwala" , trying to make the most of the remnants of the weekend , 
As he stood dipping his gloved hands into those numerous  steel pots with coloured water and asked what we wanted , the floodgates of the near full dam burst ...
Would you have been sweet toothed like your mom or more of a spice person like your dad ?
Or had a unique choice of your own ?
Would you have liked the "teekha" , "meetha" , "imli" , "pudina" , "hing"  or what he finally finished off the "sookha" ?
Would you have cared for the different flavoured "Pani" with crisp "puris" or would have liked some other "chaat "  ? 
Would it have been a one up on a "samosa chaat ", "Ragada Paties " or "dahi Aloo puri " ?

I chose each puri with a different flavoured "Pani " each round as the "chaatwala" patiently catered , for I knew not what would have been your favourite 
Each time I ate one and relished, imagined, maybe my "Chandni", would have liked this or perhaps that ...
The last "puri" the "sookha" said it all , you left your dad and me high and dry by just remaining a figment of my imagination !

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Written by Poornima Nalkoor