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What will happen to those who disappear in Tulunadu

Karavaliya saviradondu daivagalu

01 May '24
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 What will happen to those who disappear in Tulunadu

Tulu Nadu’s daiva/Deity worship is a unique cult performance art, religious worship practice. People of all castes including Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Christians are worshiped as Daivas(peculiar deities of Tuluvas).- Dr Lakshmi G Prasad 

Tulu Nadu’s Deity worship is a unique cult performance art, religious worship practice. People of all castes including Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Christians are worshiped as Daivas ( peculiar Gods/deities. of Tuluvas)

People of all castes worship the deities here. What were they here before they became Daivas? It doesn’t matter who it was. These are the spirits who protects us after becoming Daivas

All Daivas (Gods) are treated with equal respect, reverence and devotion. Thus harmony of caste votes is a feature of Tulu culture. 

After the movie Kantara, the question that haunts many people’s minds is what happens to those who disappeared?

The question asked by my colleague Maths lecturer Manjula is what happens to those who disappeared in Tulunad? Many people who have seen the movie Kantara have asked me the same question. I have tried to answer this simply. Disappearance in Tulu culture is not death, nor tragedy, but mere disappearance, dissolution, or non-existence. Here it is said to be Salludu (Mayakog or Mayog Sandune) to Mayaka. It means entering into the presence of Daiva

Maya and Joga mean salvation and final birth. Tulu have no concept of salvation. But this is the concept corresponding to salvation. There is a difference between Moksha in the Puranic concept and attribution to Mayaka. Joga is not just this birth. That is the final birth. Those who appear in Joga will stand to our rescue as Daivas/gods in Maaya.

Koraga Taniya (Koragajja) when his mother was calling him and searching for him, “Mother don’t search for me. So far I have appeared in Joga. Next I will stand in Maya. There is a reference in the Paddanada that if Koraga Taniya is called, he will come and protect the children , cows, crops etc.

Similarly, before the death of Koti and Chennaiyya, the three kings of Ballala will be called and we will give up Joga and join Mayaka, all three of you should be united. They say come and worship us, we will protect you.

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Only those who appear in Joga attain divinity. Joga means final birth. In the Jain concept it is called Charama Deha Dharana who later become Tirthankaras.

Shankaracharya Madhvacharya etc. who took the final birth attain moksha. Eligibility for salvation has to be earned through births and births.

Adhikari tu vidhivadadditata veda vedangatvena adhigatarthakhila asmin janmani janmantare wa kamya nishidda varjana? Puraskritam nitya naimittika praschittopasananushtanena nitantah nirmala svantah pramata etc. the qualification required to attain salvation is said. 

Joga is the final birth attained by those who qualify for divinity in Tulunad. After giving up Joga, he becomes a Daiva ( a peculiar god.)

Who is eligible and how? What are the qualifications required or acquired for this? So far there has been no discussion about that. Perhaps God’s mercy is the ultimate decisive force.

Mayaka or moksha in this concept is not to become one with that daiva  but to become another Daiva with the same power as that god is to become the benevolent forces that protect the people as a polite guardian evil teacher. 

This is what we call attainment of divinity or attainment of divinity. This daiva is recognized as the daiva or parivara daiva of that daiva who has obtained the sannidya of that daava. 

So when Maya disappears, there is no ablution ceremony, there is no last rites. Instead there is worship of Daiva( peculiar Tuluvas  God). Because they are not dead. Instead, he joins the presence of Daiva and becomes Daiva Himself.

.Dr Lakshmi G Prasad 
Author: Karavaliya saviradondu daivagalu book 
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Written by Dr Lakshmi G Prasad