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We are the representatives of our own life

30 Apr '24
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Democracy is the most popular form of government in the world.  What is popular is that democracy has more freedom than any system...!

The people, the citizens, are the greatest.

“The people have ultimate power to govern themselves”

Ours is a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY which means that one representative represents all the citizens on behalf of the citizens of the country.  That representative has taken an oath to represent the people with absolute honesty and every steps he has failed and again we electing him is a reflection of the representation of the people.

All this is about the administrative practices of the state governments.  But for our Inner Government, What is the pledge we must make to our conscience?  How should it be?

Here we represent ourselves and our actions reflects us.  The way we live, the way we talk, the way we respond to others, our friends, the helpless, the innocents, represents us.

For me the Janitor to CEO,  i didn't notice or make no differentiation!

Sir M. Visvesvaraya, the great leader who inspired the world, the great architect, when he was the Diwan of our Mysore state, was born and brought up in a village, at that time there was no electricity connection.  

One day on the work they stayed at chief's house in the village, that day when everyone had to be under the candle light.  In the evening, Sir MV, lit the candle and did their work , The work was finished. The candle was still burning, Dewan blew out the candle and delicately put it in his hand bag,and lit another candle and started reading the book.  Everyone by this strange incident, Gowda's family politely asked to Diwan.. we The fools did not know or understand the reason why you picked the burnt wick before it was finished and delicately took it out and lit a new candle.  Then Diwan said what I have done till now is the work of the Mysore government, that is the wax candle given by the government.!  After finishing that task i kept it in bag he said,and I have lit our candle for my own work.....!!!"

Gowda's family was shocked.  Gowda saw the light of representation that would take the country to the path of development.

This is the supreme perfection of honesty.

The work of the government is the work of God. Isn't it the inspiration of these lines?

Here Sir MV did not falter in his conscientious pledge of honesty to the Government.  Here he represented his real honesty through his actions, same as we represent ourselves..?

Friends, isn't this the ideal personality that we all should follow.

As stated in the 16th chapter of the Gita

Pravritin cha nivritin cha jana na vidurasurah|

na shoucham napi chacharo na satyam teshu vidyate||

Selfish-natured or Hireling humans are also aware of both instinct and retirement.  Therefore, they have no external and internal purity, no great practice, and no truthful in  speech.

A person who is aware of trend and retirement is not obsessed with pleasing anyone.  He knows the truth about who to be with and who not to be with.  Do we need actions to tell us that we are not worthy to represent ourselves?

To what extent is it right to forget the self-esteem and follow someone else's to please someone?

One should be aware of the tendency as well as careful retirement.

Is it possible to represent yourself in a life that forgets the tendency to retire?

Generally speaking one should be live influenced by honesty, self respect, humanity, compassion, sympathy, empathy, integrity, modesty, loyalty. 

One should retire from some evil personalities who come across this life.  That means you have to get out of their company.  

Afraid to get out of a place where you don't have value..?

It means that you are influenced by Arishadvargas (8 Malefics)as desire and greed..!?  It means that you are living without awareness of instinct and retirement like zombies.

Visvesvaraya always used to carry the resignation letter with him. once he said about it that was, If any threat to my honesty, I don't need this divanism. My selfness is my pride that I need to be lived.  

Sir MV, A P J Abdul Kalam, Dr. Ambedkar and Abraham Lincoln such great leaders. Not all of them are aware of Proclivity and retirement.

They did not chant Bhagwat Gita,  Mantra Shlokapatana, But they had adopted its essence in life, upheld their representation.


Thankyou god to making me aware of trends and retirements.  I am forever grateful to all the times and personalities, books that have influenced me to be man of self-respect,  honesty, patriotism, compassion, love, courtesy.


Manjunath KR



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Written by Manjunath KR