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Ways To Motivate Yourself

If you have the feeling of being unmotivated, then read this article.

23 Apr '24
4 min read


We all have dreams and goals. Some of us want to own a business, some of us want to travel around the world, some of us want to publish a novel and some of us want to own a car. For our dreams, we have visions and want to make them real. When it comes to our goals, we need to take the steps and actions and start working. That way we can make our dreams turn them into reality. At some point, we face challenges, our tasks aren't easy to complete, someone will tell us that we are not fit to do our job, and anything can get in our way. This will lead us to feel the opposite of motivation. We no longer feel eager to work, to be successful, or want to reach the success level. Sometimes we see other employees being motivated and working harder than us, it makes us feel unmotivated. But this is what we need to keep in mind, we need to keep going, and we need to keep trying otherwise we won't know if we can succeed. Even if we get a bad outcome, and things don't happen in the way we want, trying is important, Because if we make another attempt to succeed, we will get good results. So here are ways to feel motivated - 

1 - First action, second emotion 

On days we feel unmotivated, we feel down and not interested in doing anything, we don't have the like to do any. It doesn't stop, it goes in a cycle, and the motivation level will keep decreasing. This is because we are waiting for a miracle, we are for the motivation to come to us which won't happen. So the solution is to get out of the house, such as spending time with our loved ones in a restaurant or a park, anything is better than sitting in our room because our mind will be filled with nothing but negative thoughts and it will increase more and more every day. Spending time outside will help us to brighten our mood. 

2 - Five minute rule 

If there is a challenge in getting out of bed, cleaning the living room, or doing exercise here are some words to tell ourselves, this is going to take five minutes, this is a way to say to ourselves that we can manage the tasks. We can complete them. The starting point will be challenging. It can be hard but as we continue, we will feel great. We will have more energy to continue the task until the endpoint. 

3 - Quality time with friends and family 

Isolating is what happens when we feel unmotivated, which is why we need to socialize even though we don't like to do it, this is for introverts. We need to spend time with a friend, asking them about their lives, and if they are in good health. We can have a chat with anyone we are close to. There are many ways to spend time with our loved ones such as going to a bookstore, taking a walk, or having a coffee. 

4 - Making time for ourselves 

We have a feeling that our life represents a long list of tasks, thinking and looking at the tasks makes us feel motivated. We need to see if we are using too much time in completing the tasks for example doing the chores and paying the bills. In this tip, the importance is taking some time for ourselves, to do what we love to do. Such as painting, cooking, stitching, and watching our favorite movies. 

5 - Keep going and keep trying

In this last tip, when we exercise there will be improvements physically and mentally for example yoga, walking, swimming, and skipping. After the exercise, we see everything in a new perspective. Our moods will become bright like coming at the end of a tunnel. Plus how we exercise depends on us, there is no need to look at how people exercise and repeat the same exercise. It depends on the body and the mind. 

To conclude, having the motivation is important, to be in a destination of success. Knowing the fundamentals of motivation helps us to have the perception and awareness of human nature, and has the explanation of having goals, having the want to achieve great things, and having the respect of the public. Plus it allows us to go through the emotions such as anger and compassion. 

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Written by Shreya N

Hello my name is Shreya, I like to read books, cook and write stories.