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Villainous Society

05 May '24
2 min read


I stepped up a half now and my heartbeat took a peak in a while, justifying that 'heart get to know first then brain '. I am going back to home with my parents and elder sister. As you all know in the past 20's there were not such trains available on that route, so unfortunately the crowd was just like luggage trains. As there were no seats, I was sitting on the suitcase. My sister is teasing me and as of my nature, I am ignoring her. A man is sitting in front of me and noticing all this. Until I got to know his intentions, he realized my introverted behaviour. A red flag is there and the train stops at one station the man sitting on the seat just in front of him takes him and goes. My father told me to sit on that empty seat. Now I got a seat, that was the worst gift, I ever got. The man smiled at me and I ignored him as usual. Without wasting time he bent down and pretend tying his shoelace. I never imagine that incident what is going to happen next minute. He started touching my legs. My soul screamed so loud but there were no ears to hear that scream. Finally, after 15 minutes the f clock, I step my heart out and shout loudly. My father asked ' What happened dear? 'Until I got time to explain that man said ' nothing ' and stepped out from the train and ran away from there. That day I felt that screaming inside was not enough!


Category : Stories


Written by Priyanshi Mittal