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Vampire: Heart's desire of a Werewolf

Chapter 1

04 May '24
4 min read


     Parting From the loved ones

Dark dense forest, loaded with tall trees across the path, barely visible the path, night sky was accompanied by a round full moon, shining through a lattice of trees. Stars were seen in glimpses through tree breaks, wind slipping through leaves as if they were whispering. Unseen wings were fluttering, twigs were snapping, foxes were yipping. 
"It was a perfect night for the wolves to howl, expressing love for the bright, beautiful moon." 
A pack of wolves was roaming happily and howling, echo could be heard even from one corner to the last one of the woods. 
They found profound joy in the moon's soft light. She-wolf was giving back ride to her pups. The litter mates were extremely enjoying the ride,jumping from their mother's back and again getting on it but their joy couldn't remain longer. 
Two men holding guns in their hand suddenly jumped from somewhere in front of them and started firing on them. 
He-wolf attacked on them and she-wolf tried hiding her children behind herself. They fought till the last but continuous firing killed them all except the very young one. When all died,he found himself alone, got scared. He started running away and those men chased him. 
After running for few minutes, he found a big stone. He went behind it and hid himself. 
Those men stopped there, gave a look for him in all directions. 
The little pup peeped to see them. He saw there were two men. One of them had a big mole on his right cheek, the other one had a black bandage on his left eye. 
" Where did he run away? " One of them said. 
" Don't know, may be hid himself behind any dense herbs but it's dangerous for us to wait here too long. " another one said. 
"Yeah ,you're right.It's going to be very late. We should get back to town now and come next day. He is too small to leave this place. " First ones said. 
They halted there for few minutes more looking for him there and then left that place and returned. 
The little one waited there for sometime and when he got sure that no one was there then he came out of the stone, where he was hidden. 
He started howling loudly. This howl was different, full of pain and heartache of being departed from loved one. He looked up in sky while screaming as if he was complaining something to the moon. 
" Why didn't you hide under the clouds when they were killing my parents?" 
"Why did't you shut your bright light so that my parents could run away in the darkness? " 
He looked upon the moon in a way as he was promising himself to take revenge of their death. 
He didn't know what to do now? Where to go?So,he again went behind the same stone and sat there. 
"Wake up Jack! It's 7 o'clock already. Don't you have to go college today." His mother shouted loudly. 
Jack opened his eyes.He saw there was no forest ,no wolves ,no screaming found himself on the bed in his room but there were tears in his eyes. 
"Oh! So it was a dream! What a scary and painful dream it was? Why is there tears in my eyes? I was crying? Wait, is it so? " he mumbled. 
He brushed up his teeth, took bath and got ready for the college. He went to the dinning table for his breakfast. 
"Bacon and spinach scrambled eggs", his favourite one. His reaction should be " Wow! " as his mom was expecting but no reaction from his side. It was unexpected for his mom. Jack was still lost in the dream.He was feeling heaviness in his head, might be because of crying during sleep. 
It was not the first time that he dreamed, never got affected because of any dream but this dream was driving him crazily and nowadays, he was continuously dreaming all these, feeling especial attachment with it. 
His mother was surprised at his no reaction to his favourite breakfast. It never happened before. She looked at his face and observed that he was little tensed. 
She asked" What happened Jack? Is there any problem? You can share with me." 
" No mom, no problem at all.I'm completely fine. By the way, thank you so much for my favourite dish." he said and smiled at her. 
" Oh.. Thank you my son. I thought you didn't notice it. " she said. 
" How can it be possible mom." he said, " Okay mom, i'm leaving now." . Jack moved out for his College. 

To be continued……..

Category : Stories


Written by Anamika Aditi