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Vampire: Heart's desire of a Werewolf

Chapter 2

07 May '24
3 min read


Jack reached college.As soon as he entered the classroom, Rohan said, " Hi Jack. " and came to him. 

Rohan was one of his best friend.They were together from the starting of the session.When it was first day in the college it was Rohan who rushed to him and said, I know you're handsome but less than me." and laughed out, " Can we friends? he said, " actually it's my style of introducing myself." Jack smiled knowing his style. He was a funny guy.  

" You know, a new girl got admission in our class. She is so beautiful, graceful and.... " his eyes got wide open while explaining about her. 

Rohan didn't complete his sentence and Jack left him, sat on the bench. Rohan was very well known for stalking beautiful girl. 

Rohan came after him and said " Okay, you don't believe me. Let her come in the class. You will know yourself that i was not exaggerating. " 

Jack turned a deaf ear to him. He was fed up of him because of his flirty nature. 

"Jack was himself very smart and handsome boy in the college. He was very popular among girls, surrounded with beautiful girls but he was never attracted towards anyone of them. " 

Jack got busy in completing his yesterday's assignments. A beautiful girl entered the classroom with her friend. Her friend was also new in the class. 

She was really gorgeous, much more than what was explained by Rohan. 

Jack raised his head and looked at her. He was startled not because of her beauty but the reason was something else. She was new, never met her in his life but she looked somewhat familiar to him. He felt that he had met her before. 

Jack put pressure on his mind, flashed back his memories ,trying to figure out where he had met her but he failed. 

Rohan as usual rushed to them and said, " Hello.i know you are beautiful but not as handsome as me," and bursted out laughing. He tried to get friendly with them. 

The class started, a new professor entered and said " Hello students! myself James, new faculty assigned for Psychology. Since it's my first day so please each one of you introduce yourself. Let me know a little bit about you today. " 

Everyone started introducing themselves but Jack was interested in getting her name. When it came her turn, bell rang and the professor left the class without listening her introduction. Jack got very disappointed. 

After college, Jack and Rohan left for home together. 

Jack reached home and went straight to his room. He was still trying to remind that face and to figure out where he had met her. 

Someone knocked the door. Jack stood up from his bed and opened the door. 

"I am calling you since long time for the snacks but you are not replying. Are you feeling well? Is there anything bothering you? " his mother asked him. 

"Oh! I am so sorry mom. I was busy in doing my assignment, so I couldn't listen you. " Jack apologized her mother. 

" Give me just few minutes more, I join you back then. " Jack replied politely. 

After having snacks, Jack went to nearby park for the walk.

To be continued……

Category : Stories


Written by Anamika Aditi