Usual Journey

Railway things

27 Jun '24
2 min read


Going to station an hour before, the mandatory middle class ritual!                                                   The typical train announcements, Mimicing them is quite habitual…

The rush to board the train,         and you get pushed along,               At times, you fight for a seat,       Or if unlucky, adjust way too long

‘ Garam Chai’ ‘ Garam Chai’ or   the classic ‘10’ ya ‘20’ ka Bhel!     In long journeys, the tomato soup and the tasty crisp railway cutlet.

Best place - The window seat,         watching the running scenery       Eating the packed theplas with achaar - sweet and citrusy…

Standing in the coach door and   getting an adrenaline rush!         Watching the towns and houses, and rivers, and fields green lush..

Upper berth is a complete different fun!                                       Listening to songs, trying to sleep Railway journey - making a beautiful part of your trip !      

The journeys are quite usual,          but a still lot special!                   Reviving nostalgia every time - Seeming all time surreal….












Written by Om Dhake

Just a crazy writer with crazy ideas awaiting to bubble out!