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11 May '24
2 min read



Today, we both are united

The world seems to be friendly,

Gloomy days we had spent so long

Each of us being lonely.


I remember folks saying, "forget it, love is painful",

Deep in my heart, I did believe that my crush could never be ungrateful.


The people joked and taunted me,

Whenever I came to meet you

 My true love for you was made fun of

Still recognized by very few.


You liked someone else and loved him too much

Until he betrayed with you

Now that you've become mine

I promise to re-create your life anew.


Finally you've recognised my love

And today you are mine

You love me and I love you

The world now seems so kind.


The world had been trying to prevent you and me

From falling for each other

I really do not know why,

The people were so much bothered!



But today it is proven that true love always wins

Even though it is one-sided,

The weather today is quite romantic for you and me

And the sun’s about to set


The river water is  glittering

While the setting sun’s beams on it,

Today is the happiest day in our lives,

Our heads bent over each other’s,

While sitting on the wooden seat.


The birds are chirping, and the tree leaves 

shaking in the cool breeze, 

It is time for freshness and relaxation,

And for all our anxiety to be released…



Category : Poem


Written by Arunima Dutta