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Top CoHo(Colleen Hoover) books to read if you love emotional drama along with romance

1)Ugly Love

02 May '24
2 min read


‘Ugly love’ by 'colleen hoover' is a contemporary romance novel which includes the themes of love, loss, healing and forgiveness.

A person must read this book if he or she has been madly in love or in love at first sight. The story contains a clamorous relationship between Tate Collins and Miles archer, and both of them have emotional past and scars.


2) Verity

"Verity" is a 2018 psychological thriller novel which spins between New York and Vermont. A suspense novel which does not allow you to keep it down. You will end it in one sitting. 
The story revolves around a struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh as she has to ghostwrites a suspense novel on the behalf of  Verity Crawford, a woman who is in a  vegetative stage due to a traumatizing accident.
If you love suspense thengive it a shot.


3)It ends with us 

"It ends with us" is a contemporary romance novel which also includes a lot of emotions. You will feel love, romance, trauma, anger and other emotions all at once. I personally liked this novel.

Lily Bloom, a girl from an abusive household, struggles to find a way to live in a world that is free from any kind of violence. She only wants love and peace when she comes across Ryle Kincaid, a well known neurosurgeon. 
Read it further by yourselves what happened when all of a Sudden Atlas Corrigan, lily's first lover, showed up  in their lives.


4)It starts with us 

"It starts with us" is the sequel of "It ends with us".  In this book, the author portrays the life of Lily bloom as a mother and Ryle Kincaid as the father.

This series is very traumatizing where you  feel nothing but pain. And then you want to cry from that pain. Read it yourself to find out what happened further.

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Written by Khushi Tayal