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Time Please !

02 Jun '24
2 min read



There are some days and evenings where you want to just be in the quiet warmth of your little home for no reason . You just want the pitter patter of the rain outside your window to soothe your frayed nerves , the peal of thunder to roll on for a while , while you contemplate , assimilate , think of the week ahead ! 
An afternoon movie at home without the popcorn nor the comfort of plush push back seats , but the company of loved ones is all you need just to feel sheathed in love ! No elaborate cooking , just some ordered food , or some made at home some other brought by family is all that you require to know , it's all right to have a day for yourself once in a while . 
You know you have been on the run for a while so a "time please " day is not one to feel guilty about but one well deserved , even if it has to be said as a soliloquy ! Self motivating soliloquies take you places , try them ! 
You did this as a child , say "time please" when you ran short of breath in a running and catching game . The game's  long over and as the drudgery of life and routine takes over , a " time please " is surely well earned to get that breath going !


Written by Poornima Nalkoor