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05 May '24
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In psychological terms, behaviour refers to the reactions of the individuals to external or internal stimuli, which are considered to be normal or abnormal by the society. Now the query is that, what is meant by normal and abnormal behaviour? According to a recent study, normal conduct refers to a set of laws which are viewed by the society as justified. On the other hand, when the set of conduct deviates from the normal way of behaviour, it is viewed as abnormal. One of the most essential factors influencing behaviour is, the present circumstance. Coming to how our behaviour is influenced, we first need to understand the term ‘Personality’. Personality develops from self, which are the attributes that make a person different from others. People with a strong personality, generally behave in a stable way in all circumstances and they generally, do not deviate from their existing thoughts. Other thing to be kept in mind is the social nature of man. We are taught from our very childhood that, man is a social being-which leads him to complexities in relationships and while searching ways to solve these complexities, he engages in so many other problems!Some people wish that their life was free of problems. But they do not think how they would lead such a monotonous life thereafter. In short, the law of life and the social nature of man, gives rise to needs, desires and motives, which evolve every second in the human mind. And taking together, behaviour is influenced by needs and motives, which altogether give rise to actions that is, ‘karma’. Every decision leads to karma or action, and leaves a positive or a negative consequence for our upcoming future. As is mentioned in the Shrimadbhagavad Geeta, our present life is the outcome of our past actions, which were in turn, shaped by the then circumstances. As quoted by Lord Buddha, “to end all suffering, we need to end all desires.” Now the question arises here that, is not ending all suffering a desire too? In brief, we should not confuse material desires with eternal happiness. Nor should ending of desires be confused with total inactivity. Karma and outcomes are the two sides of the same coin. This same outcome results in beliefs and thoughts,which in turn become our actions, thereby leading to outcomes and a re-examination of past beliefs. Thus the cycle of thought-action-outcome is an ongoing process.Why does our mind always want to be occupied by something or the other? In simple words, our mind acts as a magnet, always in search of attracting something fascinating and going deeper into that matter. The matter can be anything which thrills our psyche. Some of the useful ways to improve our way of thinking can be through overcoming superstitions, have control over our emotions, develop contact with good people and above all, cultivate the habit of accurate observation. Some of the most essential ways of turning imagination into reality are :every individual must seek opportunities in every new problem. Increasing the will power is another effective method which can be possible by developing an understanding of the possible outcomes of a particular work. 

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Category : Personal Development


Written by Arunima Dutta