The Shocking Reality of Apple AirPods

Did you know that your beloved Apple AirPods are just "use and throw" devices?

26 Feb '24
4 min read


Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts!

Let me hit you with a truth bomb – those sleek, shiny Apple AirPods you adore? Well, they are not exactly the sturdy, repairable gadgets you might expect. Nope, they are more like the disposable heroes of the tech world.

So, why the fuss about AirPods? For starters, they are practically an iPhone's best buddy, seamlessly syncing up with your Apple devices like they were born for it. The convenience of automatic pairing, effortless device switching, and chatting with Siri – it is like having a personal tech valet at your beck and call. It was love at first sync. And let's be real, no other Bluetooth earphones even come close to the AirPods' effortless charm. 

Now, before you accuse me of being an Apple sales rep, hear me out. The reasons I am dishing out here are the same ones that convinced me, my better half, and a whole bunch of my friends and relatives to hop on the AirPods bandwagon. Life was grand until it wasn't.

Fast forward about 2.5 years after my wife got her hands on the first-generation Apple AirPods, and we started noticing some issues. During calls, the person on the other end couldn't hear her voice properly. It wasn't a consistent issue, just a sporadic annoyance at first. But as time passed, the problem became more frequent until, one day, the microphone decided to call it quits altogether. Suddenly, our trusty AirPods was feeling not so reliable anymore. Troubleshooting led us down a rabbit hole of online forums and support articles, but could not find anything helpful. Eventually, we bit the bullet and went to an Apple Service Centre, hoping for a quick fix.

Spoiler alert: We did not get one. The folks there dropped a truth bomb of their own – Apple AirPods are not designed for repairs. Nope, if they go kaput, you are looking at a pricey replacement. With or without AppleCare+, it is going to cost you a pretty penny. Even when it's just a battery issue or the battery degrades, you have no option but to buy a completely new set of AirPods. You cannot replace the battery yourself like with Samsung Galaxy buds. Early adopters have been feeling the pain already. If you have the fancier version of AirPods, say goodbye to even more cash when it stops working.

Curious as to why these tiny tech marvels are so darn irreparable? According to the tech whizzes at Apple Service Centre, it is all about size – they are just too small to be repaired. Hence, replacement is the only option. And guess what? The same rule applies to Apple Watches too. Apple Service Centre won't touch them with a ten-foot pole. But hey, don't lose hope – there are other repair options out there for Apple Watch, and I will cover that in another post.

As for us, the idea of shelling out a small fortune to replace just a pair of AirPods—sans charging case, mind you - didn't sit right. So, we scoured the market and found a good deal at Croma for brand new AirPods Gen 1 at almost the same price as replacement cost. Sure, it was a hefty sum, but hey, we are already knee deep in the Apple ecosystem, and alternatives were not good enough back then.

But here's the kicker – that whole ordeal made us realize something. Apple AirPods, for all their sleekness and sophistication, are just glorified use-and-throw gadgets. So, if you are planning to buy one, just know – they are not exactly built to repair or last. And when they stop working, be prepared to shell out some serious cash for a replacement. 

Until next time, keep those AirPods snug (with a case, just in case) and your wallets ready!



Written by Prasad B Y

Foodie, Coffee Lover & Techie