The phases of the moon

Life lessons from nature.

09 Jul '24
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Nature beholds valuable lessons of life, and all we need to do is observe and reflect on its wonders. By gazing out the window or exploring the great outdoors, we can gain so much wisdom.

  • Resilience from trees that weather storms.
  • Adaptability from animals and birds that migrate or hibernate.
  • Cycles of life and death from the seasons and water cycles.
  • The stillness of the mountains teaching us to stay calm in all situations.
  • Interconnectedness and community from ecosystems
  • Growth and transformation from seeds and butterflies.

One such phenomenon is The Phases Of The Moon
which can be a powerful metaphor for life experiences.

The New Moon symbolises new beginnings.

The new moon symbolises new beginnings, a time to start fresh, make corrections, and set intentions for the future. It's an opportunity to plant seeds for growth and symbolizes new chapters, opportunities, and possibilities.

 Waxing Crescent - Growth and Expansion:

As the moon waxes crescent, it illuminates the path to growth and expansion. It indicates us to break free from limitations and soar towards new heights. This phase represents dynamic energy opening an environment for creativity and innovation.  The best time to take bold actions and break free from limitations.

 Full Moon - Illumination and Celebration:

As we reach the full moon, we've arrived at a moment of victory, where our hard work and dedication have paid off. We've reached our full potential, and it's time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments. This phase has been achieved by overcoming a lot of hurdles. Like the moon shining bright in the night sky, we too can rejoice in hitting the milestone.

Waning Gibbous - Release and Transformation:

As the moon enters its gibbous phase, we're called to let go of what no longer serves us. To let go of things and people who are a hindrance to our growth. The Gibbous moon reminds us that transformation is a natural part of life and one should always embrace change. The best way to progress is to shed our past attachments and surrender to our present moments.

Waning Crescent - Closure and Renewal:

   As the moon wanes to a crescent, it disappears. It's a time for closure, surrender, and preparation for new beginnings. This phase teaches us to face failures. We must trust the process and embrace the darkness. The waning crescent moon guides us to trust the cycle of life, letting go and surrendering to the darkness, knowing it will lead us to the light once again. One must not give up on failure, every setback is a stepping stone to more learning.

Remember, just like the moon, life is constantly changing, and each phase offers opportunities for growth, learning, and renewal. Accepting and enjoying every phase, we can find happiness and peace in every moment, whether it's a time of brightness and celebration or a time of darkness and introspection.
By adopting this mindset, we can learn to appreciate the beauty in every moment, just as we appreciate the beauty of the moon in all its phases.

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Written by Tasneem Anandwala

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