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The Muse of Motivation

Embracing the Spirit of Resilience and Renewal

25 Apr '24
1 min read

In whispers soft, the Muse appears,
A beacon bright, dispelling fears.
With eyes of fire, and heart aglow,
She guides us through both high and low.

In human form, she walks the earth,
A silent force of endless worth.
With every smile, a spark ignites,
Fueling dreams to scale new heights.

Her voice, a melody of hope,
In every heart, she helps us cope.
With gentle hands, she wipes our tears,
And whispers courage in our ears.

Through storms of doubt, she leads the way,
An unwavering light, come what may.
In her embrace, we find our power,
To face the challenges of every hour.

So let us honor this guiding light,
The Muse of Motivation, burning bright.
With her by our side, we boldly stride,
Towards the dreams we hold inside.

Category : Poetry


Written by Manish Shadangi