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The Lady!

The Lady named Love!

04 May '24
2 min read



A lady I seek!
phantom of her beauty has haunted me,
I flew to the mountain’s peak!

I followed her!
through the thick forest, to the lonely street,
through the lava lake, to the snow flake sea…
I followed her!

Walking with the weeny wobbling Deerbies,
riding on the shrill song of Robin’s…
waving with the wooshes of wind,
swaying with the swishes of the stream…
sliding down the rainbow, dripping down the rain,
jumped she softly from one start to another…
flickered she her shawl of milky way,
a few stars fell and she slimed sweetly…

Curious when she peeped into the sun,
twinkled her diamond lashes
shimmered her moon cheeks,
glittered her ocean lips
the hue of golden light…
The phantom of her beauty is haunting me!

Curse me! The urge to slide the curtain of fog-
Dispersed! Dissolved! Disappeared!
Oh love! Oh love! Oh love!
Love was gone…

No heaven beyond the earth…
No hell beneath it…I did not search!
but Oh love! Oh love! Love was gone…

Crawled through the caves,
limped through the thorns…
swum through the salty sea,
hobbled through the sharp stones…
but Oh love! Love was gone…

A minute or a month? a million moments?
I cried in the thirst! screamed and burst!
but Oh Love was gone…

My flesh stuck to the soil,
My blood clotted in the toil,
now I lie on the ground
breathless nude still
my Love!  

The day is dark
Dark she decent from the dark
Death dear! My peace?
come and kiss
you have loved me the longest
since the first beat of life
so now make me your wife
come…let’s lie down!

Groaned the thunder!
a Drop dropped and freeze
I saw Her eyes again…
Oh wait…I saw Her eyes again!
the Drop dropped on my cheek…

The heartbeat, the tear, the pain…
The joy, the fear, the rain…
I feel it!
Oh Love! I feel it!
I looked at the Dark!
dear…let me live!
I saw Love in her eyes…I saw Me!
She gave me a piece of cloth…
Oh! The peace!
I found my Love again!
I found my Love again!


Thank you for the read.

Category : Poetry


Written by Rose

Literature loving