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The joy of writing!

The art and stories

10 Jan '24
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Habit of writing poems, letters, songs, articles or musings is definitely a joy to many, when actions don’t speak I feel words speak stronger.

I was 14 when I started to write poems in Kannada, I loved getting myself involved in the world of imagination. I always wanted to publish my articles in newspapers but that couldn’t happen because of multiple reasons. I did continue to write but during my 10th it was difficult for me to pen down even a single word as I was so involved in my academics and wanted to top in my 10th grade, I barely made time for writing. I didn’t know actually how to balance things then or may be I was just focusing on one thing, this did affect me  as I rarely expressed what I felt. 

It was my 11th grade where I met few fantastic people, we all became a group and started to enjoy each other’s company so much. That’s when I felt to pen down letters for them to make them feel special, that’s when I started to write again. Later I started writing songs and poetries for my friends and their crushes and it would be sometimes so funny that we all used to end up laughing and getting thrown out of the class. Whenever I was bored I just picked paper and pen write something and feel good. 

It was at the end of my 12th grade where things messed up in our group we all decided to split and I started to feel so lonely. This is when my best friend suggested me to pen down my emotions and feel better. I followed this and it actually worked. I was able to express my self , felt I’m not lonely and it sort of gave me a new hope, not only this but it somewhere improved my writing and vocabulary in English language as well. This was the time when I started understanding the serenity and joy writing holds.

Later, it was in 2020 that I started publishing my work. It was during the pandemic that I gave myself a chance to put out my blogs and poems on Instagram. As the pandemic not allowed us to go anywhere I spent most of the time embracing little things in life, understanding the beauty and lessons the nature holds and then I used to pen down about various aspects of life connecting it with nature, hope, sky, stars and Universe. 

I would like to mention some of my favorite writings from the initial days of my writing journey, 

‘The sky, the stars, the Moon, the clouds,

Treating the eyes with joy, creating magic, sending love, humming beautifully, showering hope,


Maybe it is just my version of finding happiness!’

I look at sky every night, share my emotions and at last feel so relieved and there is a sense of hope that I always get. I remember I wrote this when I had a very bad day but when I looked at the sky everything in life seemed better. 

‘In the world full of modern lights, there lives a lantern burning bright!

In the world full of songs with rushing words in the earphone, there lives a soul who is still stuck to the gramophone,

In the world full of Cappuccinos and Espressos, there lives a soul who still enjoys a cup of hot Filter coffee,

In the world full of online texts, there lives a soul who still likes to put in black and white,

In the world full of meets, there lives a soul who embrace her own company waiting for the mesmerizing shooting star.’

I’m an old schooled person, I wanted to write something inculcating theories on both old schooled emotions and self-love, and this is what I created.

‘Random evening, gloomy sky, on my terrace with a cup of hot chocolate and my favorite novel , waiting for the mesmerizing Moon to arrive , but it didn’t ,

I was disappointed but what I didn’t know was, I was going to witness a sparkling shooting star that listened my wishes and vanished like a blessing in disguise.’

I was very upset for things not going the way I planned but later that turned out be a blessing as I witnessed something great. And I wrote this experience in a way connecting it to the Universe.

My Instagram page was getting attention slowly, my page and blogs were only about life, hope and nature. I realized I never wrote about love and emotions. As I listen to songs a lot I stared creating art by taking particular lyrics from the song then writing my perspective on it. This work I really enjoyed and I named it as ‘The Music Tales’ .

Later in 2022, I met a writer in a café we had an amazing conversation over poetries, articles and musings. When I showed my work, the one thing he told me was ‘you write about nature but I write about love’ this one line made me think, imagine and I started to write about love and emotions from then. After this conversation my writing ideas, perspectives and knowledge has definitely improved.  People started to identify my work, appreciate it and I was the happiest. 

Writing is like a therapy for me, whenever I’m low or facing anything difficult, I write down my emotions and see hope. I would love to share some of my works that I created when I was in the lowest points of my life and hope this brings a ray of light to your life as well,

‘The nights I cried in silence,

Morning I was always in my sense,

Pretend to be fine every day,

Deep down waiting to be fine one day,

Answered everyone’s questions,

Still searching answers for my own questions,

Gave my shoulder to one in need,

Cried on my own when I was in need,

They said I’m not strong enough to survive the situation,

Little did they know I’m not surviving but battling it,

Still believe better days waiting ahead, 

Like waiting for the Moon to shine on a New Moon Day.’

All I wanted to tell here was to never loose hope however difficult the situation is, as time definitely passes.

‘Pata hain unka pyaar nahi milega ,phir bhi unse itna lagaav kyun,

Duniyaan mein bahut saari cheezein hain  jo pyaar ke liye tharste hain, unse aap khafa kyun,

Aap ne pyaar kiya hain, ek baar pyaar de kar  tho dekho,

Jhaanja apne liye thitli ban saktha hain,

Aap kisi ke zindagi mein thitli bankar tho dekho,

Zindagi khoobsurat hain,

Ek baar use khoosurathi se jeekar tho dekho,

Pyaar har jagah hai, use mehsoos karke tho dekho,

Zindagi khoobsurat hain, zindagi khoobsurat hain.’

Indeed life is beautiful.


I would like to share some of my writings on love, mostly it is old schooled, if you are that old schooled person then you would like it,

‘Your first rose isn’t red anymore,

It is dark, brown and dried,

This is how beautifully our love aged,

Treasuring each moment, singing, star gazing and dreaming.’


‘I only knew nights as darkness,

Till you made me realize it is also about stars and fire-flies,

Always felt the story is incomplete,

You said butterflies and dreams make it whole,

I only knew colors as black,

You made me realize it is all about our perspectives,

You’re perfect and ask me to find beauty in imperfection,

It is hard to find you again if I let go,

Want this story to be complete like the falling snow.’


Writing for me has helped me heal from many things in life. I listen to people, understand them, understand myself, writing has given a better perspective towards life, it has made me a better human and most of the time I write something I get hope, I find joy in writing, it gives answers to my tears even without asking, it gives me happiness even without finding. It has made me understand how to hold on to things and when to let go. For me writing is therapy, passion and it is my job now. 


All writings aren’t art but all writings hold stories.

As I enjoy writing, I hope you enjoy reading this.





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Written by Jeevitha H S

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