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The Day i lost My self

Based on Time.

08 May '24
1 min read


Opening Scene Bus stop

Scene Intro

Their was a 2 Major creators in our Story Vijay and Ajay

Vijay an orphan child were He grown at platform.

Ajay an Multi millionaire child born at Diamond bed.


an smooth trip to Goa via his Brand new car (Ajay)

searching for a Job (Vijay)


the story were Happening at North Madras.

Mr. AnoopMehta father of (Ajay) an Multi millionaire off Mehta Group.

Mr. (AM) very much worried about his son (AJ) Becz Here (AJ) an rugged Guy were he don't Even Care about is father nor him nd his feature.


Vijay an pity Guy were he always tCare about othrs nd worried about his feature.

Vijay was attending interview But the pity Boy (VJ) were failed at his interview.

Much more upset by Pity Guy Vijay.

Ajay an millionaire son off Mr.AnoopMehta were he fight with his father nd planning for a trip to Goa.

that day nd tht Night both life off Ajay nd vijay.


Story to be Continued 


Category : Stories


Written by J Gopi nath

PhotoGrapher Script writer, Youtube vlogger