The 3 C's

26 Jun '24
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*The 3 C's Compare..Complain..Critisism*

Never in your life you complain,
By doing this nothing you will gain..
You just lose the trust and happiness between,
The sorrow that spreads after doing this only remains.. 
The curse from others will not let you grow,. 
For the complaints & Critics that you made about them only blows.. 
None in the world is fully perfect, 
It depends on one's hardwork and effort.. 
Keep calm, be humble and have a forgiving nature, 
After all we humans are discipline preachers.. 
Let's not forget that in this world, we all are still a learner, 
Let's aim for success in our life and be an optimistic turner.. 
We have better things to do in our life, more than criticising & complaining, 
If done so far, let's forget it and from today may it turn out to be a good beginning..
Let others betowe upon you the criticism,
Take that as a feedback and turn it out into an incredible recurring optimism..
Never allow your critics to reach out to your heart and don't bombard it to a blowing pain, 
Instead, let it be a one time lesson learnt by you to empower yourself better by letting it remain only in your brain.. 
Success will be ever yours, only if you avoid those three, 
By remaining happy, cheerful, successful in future and always stress free..

Category:Personal Development


Written by Prabha Iyer P