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That Worst Journey From Lucknow

PART 1- Why I Missed The Train.

08 Jun '24
4 min read


I was very happy that day because I had back to back shows lined up. The charge for each of my shows would be up to Rupees 10,000. Yes, I used to do anchoring shows.

So that day also, I went to Lucknow for a show. The day after my show, there was a show in Delhi. I had to quickly wrap up the Lucknow show and leave for Delhi. That's why I had already booked a ticket back to Delhi from my brother in emergency. I belong to Delhi only. I often had to travel to different places for shows. I often travel alone, and like always, that day too I was traveling alone from Lucknow to Delhi for the first time.

My train was at 10 pm and my show had ended at 3 pm. So I reached the station at 5 o'clock and sat down on the same platform where the train was supposed to come. I reached the station and informed my brother. After that I kept looking at the LED on the platform to see when my train data would be shown to me. The clock striked from 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock, then 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock, then 7 to 8 o'clock and then 9 o'clock. But there was still nothing shown about my train on the LED screen. I was a little confused, I did not understand that neither the train was announced nor anything was visible on the screen about my train. So I immediately checked on the IRCTC app, the train was on time. Means, the train was not cancelled. Now it was 9:30 pm, so I went to the inquiry and asked. He said the train has arrived at its platform. After listening to him I felt that perhaps the train had arrived. I ran to the platform to see the train. But that train was not standing there, I thought maybe it would be on another platform. But the train from Lucknow to Delhi was not on any platform.

I checked the app again, the train was still on the platform. I became upset and confused after seeing all this. Then I called my brother and he also checked and found that the train was on the platform. By this time it was already 10 o'clock but I could not find the train. I was a little tensed because I had to go to Delhi at any cost. But in all this I could not understand why I could not see the train. Then brother told that the train has left the platform, means I missed the train. 
This was the first time in my life that I missed the train and that too after arriving so early. I had become extremely worried and the question was how to go back to Delhi by today. I didn't even have any money, only Rs 1000, the payment for my show had not even come till then. And on top of that it was 10:15 pm. It was Covid time and shops used to close early at night. I was still confused so I called my friend from Lucknow for help and told him about this situation. He asked me for a train ticket. When he saw the ticket he told me that Lucknow station has two parts. The small line and big line. Both the stations are adjacent to each other and both have the same platform numbers. My train was from the small line and I was waiting for it on the big line. That is the reason why I missed the train and why it was not visible to me.

After understanding this, the question was still how to go back to Delhi at this time of night ?

If you want to know how I came back to Delhi then wait for part 2 in next Article……..



Written by Tejaswee Anand

Professional writer and podcaster