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Supreme Court to send WhatsApp updates on cases




29 Apr '24
1 min read


Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud announced on Thursday (25th April 2024) that the Supreme Court will debut on WhatsApp, providing information about cause lists, case filings, and case listings directly to advocates via WhatsApp messages.

The CJI said that despite being a ‘small initiative’, it could have a significant impact. He highlighted that integrating WhatsApp messaging services with the Supreme Court’s IT infrastructure would strengthen access to justice and enhance transparency in the judicial system.

Justice Chandrachud also shared the official WhatsApp number (87687676) of the Supreme Court and clarified that it will not be accepting any messages or calls.

He also said that this move is not only expected to revolutionize daily work habits but also contribute to paper conservation, benefiting the environment. 

Advocates-on-record and parties-in-person will benefit from automated messages regarding electronic filings, cause lists, orders, and judgments, accessible conveniently on mobile devices, in addition to the Supreme Court’s website.

Source: DD News 

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Written by Prasad