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Start Blog Today ,Tomorrow , Forever


22 Dec '23
5 min read


Start blogging today 

Just recently started blogging. If you want to read what this  blog is all about,  check this out before you go forward. Welcome to the universe of words. There were several questions in my mind regarding blogging like What is blog , how to start , where to start, when to start ?. Blogs were something I wanted to write ,wanting to be a writer. Blogs are an outstanding way to show my skills , but I didn’t start them early . There were some reasons , let’s read ahead 

How to start a blog?

I had an initial idea of what blogging is and my first thought was  “HOW” , I did the same thing 4.3 billion people do worldwide GOOGLE it . I searched how to start blog , what should i do ,are there any special qualities you need or you need whole new brain for this( my thought while I solve aptitude )

I researched and started reading some blogs too . They all were so good . As I went on reading things got complicated , I thought blogging was writing something about a particular niche you are interested in or sharing your interest through writing but there was more to it there were words like seo friendly , tags , external linking , etc… So now, I have to look up the definitions and I did , saw examples but nothing went through this thick skull  of mine at that time, instead the word blog just went out of my mind. I never went forward with that.

What to write in my blog

Well as I mentioned, blogs usually have a particular niche . My concern was what should I write and is there any other person on this earth who’s thinking process is the same as mine? Anyone who would find my content relatable with whatever things I wanted to share. Some of my initial thought processes.  I loved writing poetry , quotes but Were those enough subjects to make the content I write relatable. It is a heinous task to find one particular thing you could write on when you are the kind of person who has several interests in several fields ,When  you are a jack of trades but ace of none. You are really in a tough spot , the confusion never goes away but one thing definitely went out of my mind , my interest in blogging.

When to write  blog 

Imagine I know how to write. The  only question is  when to publish it . Are there any people who want to have everything perfect? Even the slightest mistake and you throw away the whole thing to start a new one. Well I love imperfections ,but I can't go with things that have slightest problems at times , with this mindset  all you do is  put your work for another day . Yeah I am a procrastinator at times like this( NO judging !).  So with all this tantrums of mine , When just remains When.

Why to write blog 

Blogging is definitely a must do thing  if you want to share your works and let people know about you or things you want to share whether it’s product , reviews etc. Again I knew that but still why didn’t I start blogging early? Silly me !!

What if I don't write good content ?. So my main concern is that Will I write content which attracts people to my blog. Why would anyone show interest? There are several people out there who do the best job at this then why would people read my content. Even if they read and have things to say which probably I was not ready to listen to any criticism , negativity such things. The Internet is a scary place. You are putting yourself out here either it would feel like walking into a lion's den or being thrown to the pack of wolves. Internet has its own pros and cons yet  It's scary place to be in today’s world. Overthinking took over me . One of the reasons for  not posting. Once you start putting off work , you may receive attention or may not , they may applaud, criticize , or hate many more things and you should be ready to face them , take it to your face and stay strong , you need to have strong willpower.  This kind of mindset made me reconsider  blogging.

This post was to show if anyone out there wanted to do blogging but never did for various reasons and if you read this and find the relatability, then you know you are also overthinking and could start it now . This was just to encourage people .


 After all this, why blogging now?  Well you’ll get to know if you subscribe to my blog Stay tuned  for my next blog.



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Written by Sahana