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Space is must, now-a-days!!

23 Apr '24
1 min read


Something which i have recently learned and am still learning is that there was a time when people used to stay together accompanying each other every minute, every second of the day but at present i have seen lots and lots of examples catching my attention towards giving space to people, even the closest ones. People nowadays are carrying loads of burden over their shoulders, could be relationships, career, literally anything. So now the time has come, when, people should be aware about giving spaces to people, it can help cultivate a healthy relationship, accompanying someone all the time makes them your entire world intentionally or unintentionally, which is not good. Their absence may affect you adversely, in future. So, keeping a safe distance or giving healthy spaces is not bad in a way. It provides them time to value you, to fathom your absence, to express gratitude towards the pros of life, advantages of being healthy mentally as well as physically. 

Category : Health and Wellness


Written by Roshni Nayak