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Separation hurts more than death

14 May '24
1 min read


Back then, when age meant 

nothing more than cardinals, 

I was told that separation 

hurts more than death.

I was bewildered.

If I had believed them,

I would have never lost people.

My ex-boyfriend hits me like 

an old melody reaching home 

in autorickshaws.

He also meets me in the fragrance 

of street foods.

I wish I could tell the vendor 

to pack some in the wrap for me.

But once you walk away from there, 

you are not allowed to even have 

a bite to taste. 

What do you think?

Can I not afford what my heart wants? 

The moment when you are moving 

on, you feel like a beggar.

The way people comfort you feels 

like a charity. 

The moment you've moved on,

you feel like nobody owns a lavish 

lifestyle the way you do. 

There are a thousand ways that 

you adapt to not think of them 

and they are the assets of your life.

You are more inclined to earn.

Those who are in a relationship 

looks more idle to you.

I shed fewer tears now.

And not only my parents, 

but that bathroom wall will 

not see my crying. 

I will make all of them smile.

If death were that easy, 

why do people mourn?

I've heartlessly skipped the 

separation, but have to hop 

onto death or else I'll fall.

If I'd ever step out and my face 

won't look scared, would you call 

me a human with a heart? 

Category : Relationships


Written by Saumya Mishra