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she said "We were made to make not to destroy"

08 May '24
2 min read


       I remember her words " we were made to make, not to destroy." My mother, she is so loving, so beautiful, a typical old woman who always taught me how to love others more than ourselves. She told me that we are strong, we are blessed with the power to create new lives, we have the strength to make or destroy anything, but a real woman never does harm, women are made to make not to destroy, our life is dedicated to others our real strength is to become selfless enough to embellish other's lives. 

        Our relationship was beautiful in the starting, he took care of me, respected me, loved me the way I love him. But then, he changed with time. I know i still have to love him, no matter how hard he hits me. I still have to support him, no matter if he puts a new scar every next day on my beautiful face. No matter how many times he throttles me, I still have to keep praying for him because, mom said that's what we exist for, we live for them. I just hope one day he will understand that he can't live without me, he needs ME more than anything else, other girls can please him but it's only me who can keep him happy forever. I just hope he will value me before it's too late. 

        My name is 'River', he calls me with different names 'Forest', 'Mountain', 'Ocean' and many more, his favorite name of calling me is "Nature". My mother is 'Earth' who always guides me to continue this relationship. He is 'Human', and no matter how much he hurts me I still love him, and I'll keep loving him because that's why I exist for, to love others. 

Just one question: Does he deserve me?

Category : Literature


Written by Rose

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