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Remembering that winter Night

14 May '24
2 min read


We were happy at that moment 

While winter itself covered by fog like a blanket

The sun feels weak and sighs before the fog's thick blanket

And remains humble in spirit

When winter hugs all life with a full embrace

The soul is also touched with winter's cold-loving embrace

All the senses of the body are subdued

In love with the touch of the cold

The heart feels a comforting hug

No more options except that hug

With the caressed love of winter

All the nerves of the body shiver

There seems happy feeling in the bosom of nature

The heart inside the body trembles more

Winter's love thrills with a cold touch

Breathing changes as much

A cold wave resembles a kiss

Uneven breathing continues

As we know the utmost desire of the heart

To attain the destination, have a happy spirit

With the thrilling winter's love

The heart feels the comforting hug of the cold wave


That was a cold winter night

Thought of romantic mood at that moment

The cold breeze for us sings

We made that night ours

It was truly silent

In the sequence of the night

When the surroundings in dreamland

Only both of us in the wonderland

Submitting entirely to each other

Explaining our deepest desire

Finding a treasure house of love

Sharing whispering words of love

We were planning the night ours

What was a sweet silent night that!

Discovering the hidden thought

Two hearts entwined together

Marked the beginning of our calendar

As we made the night ours

We laughed together remembering that deeds

For which we skipped our food and sleeps

We laughed together again and again

Remembering that winter Night 

We are happy now to a greater extent...

Category : Poem


Written by Bidyadhar Mantry