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Reel love vs Real love

27 Mar '24
5 min read


The way they show love in the movies is too far-fetched. It looks and is, unrealistic. But the majority of audience is young. Their passions are high yet mentally they are naive. So most young audience tend to believe movie version of love. You may have believed it yourself, when you were young. 

This business of showing love unrealistically, needs to be called out as it prepares the young audience for nothing but disappointment, in their later lives.

Let me just point out a few instances which will show to you how unrealistic movie version of love is.

The movie couple do not belong to the same strata. Either the hero or the heroine will be from BPL (Below Poverty Line) family while the other person is stinky rich. The ultra-rich hero (or heroine) would not mind this glaring difference. He (or as the case may be, she) would have lost his (or her) heart to the heroine ( or the hero) because of her (or his) qualities!

The hero or the heroine (whoever is shown as poor in the movie) will look nothing like poor. If its the hero who is poor, he will still look like a well-fed, well-groomed, well-rested, gym-frequenting dude. If its the heroine who is poor, she still will have spa-treated silky hair, well cared for physique and intact makeup of super-model standards, at all times!

Plus both will be studying in the same college. How both can afford to be in the same college, the story-writer will not care to explain. Lets say the hero is rich.  And if it's a charity college where our poor heroine is studying, why is the rich hero there at all? Or If it's a prestigious college and the poor heroine got into it on merit, why will she be running and dancing around the trees with the hero, instead of studying? It makes no sense. 

Both hero and heroine will be talking sweet nothings, going to places, bunking classes and attending parties non-stop, as if exams, assignments etc., are not their headache at all. 

In case they get married in the movie, it will be another unbelievable fairy tale. 

The heroine will spend all her time getting ready for the hero. Doesn't she ever face ‘a bad hair' day, ‘puffy eyes' day, ‘tailor-has-messed-up-my-blouse' day, ‘maid-is-not-there’ day, 'kids' nanny-is-absent' day, or ‘kids-have -exam or-are-sick’ day? I mean these are THE genuine issues, post marriage, aren’t they?

Likewise, the hero will also work in some God-damn, alien company, from where he will return home, all fresh and energetic,  as if he has just come back from a vacation. Not a trace of anxiety or care on his face, ever! Won't he ever have ‘my-boss-is-ruining-my-happiness’ day, ‘too-much-office-politics’ day, ‘they-are-laying off-randomly’ day, ‘have-to-pay-that-EMI’ day? Those are the real world issues, right?  

He will have ample energy  to dance around, sing, romance with his on-screen wife and unceasing, mysterious source of funds to gift her exotic things and take her to exotic vacations. 

Both will live in mansions and go around in swanky cars.

Even if some crisis hits them at some stage- like the hero losing his wealth or heroine meeting with an accident, it will be shown in the most absurd way.  The hero and heroine will look fresh like a lily, with may be a glycerine tear-drop to signify mental agony or ultra-neat, random bandage to signify hospitalization!

And these morons who don't even have basic issues that most urban couples face on daily basis, will make fantastic statements like-"pyaar hi sab kucch hai.", “mein zamane se ladh lunga pyaar k vastey…”, “pyaar hi ibadat hai.”, “mujhe pyaar chahiye, paisa nahi.” 

No wonder, the young minds who are exposed to this garbage, grow up to become completely cut off from reality and unawares of the real world issues and challenges!

Reality is very different. The first real love is self-love. When we take care of ourselves, then only we will be useful to others around us.

Real love for some man or woman looks something like this-

 If you are a wife, you strive to give warm, home-cooked meals to your family, keep the house welcoming and cozy, give them your time and listen to their thoughts. You are NOT perfect- There will be dirty dishes in the sink, house may look like a jungle, maid may betray you, some home-politics may weigh heavily on your mind, kids' concerns may keep you awake at night, you may roam around in pyjamas  yet  you stay put.

If you are a husband, may be you are so tired after work that you can barely keep your eyes open as your wife rambles on about something, forget about dancing and romancing her. But you strive to provide for her and the kids. You brave it all, ‘the-not-so-good’ days, ‘boss-is-brutal' days, ‘office-politics-is-unbearable’ dasy, ‘job-market-is-bleak’ days and  you don't give up.

So let's laugh at the madcap, unrealistic reel-love, they weave in front of us in movies, as now we know how the real-love looks. And let's hope that the young don't get carried away by the movie version of love and one day come to recognize, enjoy and appreciate the real-love, without having to learn the hard way. 


Category : Relationships


Written by Vishnupriya VijayGanesh