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Reading V/S Writing

09 Oct '23
5 min read


Reading and writing happen to be the pillar of communication which stands out in the realm of literacy for self expression. These two compliment each other and play an extremely important role in broadening our avenues and shaping up our thought processes. Catering to a wide range of people, reading facilitates connections beyond comprehension sometimes. Whereas writing is voyage of creation. It's a canvas on which we paint our thoughts and bring them alive. They are distinct in their purposes and effects, each offering a unique set of benefits and challenges. Let's embark on a journey to explore the dynamic duo of reading and writing.

Lets start with Art of Reading:

Acquisition of Knowledge:-Reading is considered a window that opens up many new ideas and emotions. It bring in many diverse cultures and perspectives. It helps bring, science, History, Philosophy and fiction alive.

Language enhancement:- Reading is the cornerstone of language and self development and enriches vocabulary and knowledge of new subjects. Reading helps in honing language skills and improves communication.

Empathy and Understanding:- Reading gives insights into lives of people, especially when people happen to narrate their own stories and experiences. Readers get to walk into the shoes of others lives, without really experiencing anything themselves. Their ability to accept other's view point and opinion increases their tolerance level. Complex ideas keep the reder's minds active.

Simulation:- Reading stimulates the brain into imagining and plotting the story in the ways the reader analyses. It enhances our cognitive abilities and sharpens our mind.

Stress reliever:- Reading helps relieves stress and focus better. It takes us into an imaginary world, where we can forget about our personal worries and sometimes even get ideas on how to tackle our problems through the eyes of others.

Although there are a few disadvantages of reading, but they are minimalistic as compared to the advantages.

Disadvantages can be listed out as, Stressing of eyes, Too much addiction, Not exploring the outside world, becoming too imaginative and so on. But if a reader truly understands that reading is to gain knowledge and should be distinguished as an alternate means of entertainment, then it would be the right approach. 

Now lets delve into the power of Penning (writing)

Self expression:- Writing provides a platform for expression of thoughts and ideas of the writer. Most writers themselves consider it therapeutic. It helps them calm down and brings out many sentiments that are difficult for them to otherwise express.

Enrichment of cultural diversification:- Writing transcends beyond boundaries. A reader from any country can read the writing of any one from another country. Writer's experiences can be shared in the most simplest forms.

Creativity:- Writing enhances creative skills as a writer looks for ways to make the story rich and intriguing. This gives them the freedom to develop and create new genres, which can even surprise the writer themselves.

Self reflection: Writing encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. It allows individuals to explore their beliefs, values, and goals, helping them gain clarity about themselves and their aspirations.

Legacy:- People die, but their writing remains. Literature from thousands of years have been kept alive through writings. Common people cherish writings of famous people and take inspiration from them. Many war strategies have been devised through old literature. So, it definitely creates a legacy for the writer.

Education and career growth:- With good writing skills, people get equipped to face the world. Be it formal or informal. Good writing always makes a lasting impression. Writing helps educational reforms. 

Choice of topic:- As the writer has the choice to choose the topic, he has the flexibility to twist the story line in his own way, unless of-course, it's a matter of stating facts, where one cannot make any changes to the actual topic but can definitely give their personal opinion in the most effective and interesting way.

Coming to the disadvantages of writing. They too, are not as many as the advantages.

Other than the fact that it's a bit time consuming, and sometimes the use of instigative and provoking content can intimidate people. Lack of creativity, difficulty in accepting criticism etc are some of the very few drawbacks of writing.

Despite these potential disadvantages, writing remains a valuable and essential skill. Writers can address many of these challenges with practice, self-care, and by seeking support and feedback from peers and mentors.

On the other hand, reading invites us to step into the minds of authors, immerse ourselves in their worlds, and absorb their knowledge. Through reading, we gain insight into diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives. It's a voyage of empathy and understanding, a portal to different dimensions of thought and emotion.

All in all, both reading and writing have their cult followers. It's a matter of, whether the a person wants to take the risk of writing or merely wants to enjoy and sometimes relate to someone else's writings. 

Started as a reader, now an amateur writer , I truly see the graph of how my reading practice, encouraged me to become an amateur writer. Now I appreciate the effort of every writer, more so the ones who are a master of writing and understand the kind of effort it takes to write one on our own.


Written by Pria Ignatius

enthusiast writer