Radiant Awakening

A Celebration of Sunrise

24 Jun '24
1 min read


In the hush before the dawn,
Where shadows softly sway,
The night begins to yawn,
As darkness slips away.

The sky, a canvas wide,
With hues of pink and gold,
The sun begins its stride,
A tale of light unfolds.

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Whispers of the morning,
In the cool, dew-kissed air,
Nature’s quiet warning,
Of a day beyond compare.

Mountains blush with fire,
Oceans gleam with light,
The world, a grand choir,
Sings farewell to the night.

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Birds on wings of splendor,
Chase the glowing beams,
Their songs, a sweet surrender,
To the dawn’s first gleams.

Flowers lift their faces,
To greet the sun’s warm kiss,
In nature’s tight embraces,
Find a moment's bliss.

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Every day, a new start,
Beneath the morning sun,
A chance to play our part,
Until the day is done.

So let the sunrise guide us,
With its tender, golden touch,
To cherish those beside us,
And love, forever, much.

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Written by DEEPAK SHENOY @ kmssons