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06 May '24
1 min read


Oh what an elegance!

Charms contend in physical love 

Pity! It fritters away with age 

Yet, enthralled are we by desires cavernous 


On the contrary, 

Lies spiritual proclivity,

Vigour and enthusiasm it furnishes 

Besides adding longevity.


Only in the case of mankind 

Physical intimacy declines 

While in case of nature, 

The contrary do we find .


Nature revives its youth 

With the passage of time 

The tree leaves rustle in the breeze 

While the wind blows the chime.


The sun peeps in,

Through the canopy of trees 

There’s youth spilling over the fountains 

An eternal fragrance exists in the breeze.


The bliss in spiritual love 

Is really inscrutable 

The more we delve into the divine 

The more rises our level!


Material love and affection 

Bind mankind to this world 

Spiritual love gives eternal bliss 

Our hidden senses do unfurl!


As we proceed towards death, 

The more spiritually attracted are we the beings, 

Man and Almighty are aligned together,

With age and wisdom, he merges more into the Supreme Being!



Category : Poem


Written by Arunima Dutta