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Phase 1 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Concludes with 65.5% Voter Turnout




22 Apr '24
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The first phase of General Elections 2024 was completed almost successfully on April 19th, 2024, despite a heatwave. The polling, covering 10 States/UTs, was peaceful, with voters showing enthusiasm and civic pride. 

The Election Commission expressed gratitude to voters and election officials. Voter turnout across 21 States/UTs with a little over 16 crore voters eligible to cast their votes, saw a turnout of approximately 65.5%, a decline from the 66% recorded in 2019. 

The nation witnessed democracy in action, from urban centers to remote villages, with voters of all backgrounds participating. Notable instances include tribal communities in LWE-affected areas embracing democracy over violence and historic voting events, such as the Shompen tribe's participation in Great Nicobar. 

Despite challenges like heat and rain, voters displayed resilience and celebrated their civic duty with colorful attire and selfies. In the first phase, 102 Parliamentary Constituencies across 21 States/UTs voted. 

Zero Voting in 6 Nagaland Districts

Four lakh voters across 6 districts in eastern Nagaland abstained from voting in Phase 1 due to an ongoing state demand issue for the lone Lok Sabha seat. The abstention followed a "shutdown" called by the Eastern Nagaland People's Organisation (ENPO), advocating for a separate state comprising the six districts.

Additionally, 20 MLAs from the ruling BJP and its ally NDPP, representing eastern Nagaland, also refrained from casting their votes.

Election Commission orders re-polling in 11 Manipur booths amid Reports of Violence

The Election Commission of India orders re-polling in 11 Manipur booths on April 22 due to reported incidents of violence, gunfire, and damaged Electronic Voting Machines during the polling conducted on April 19. The re-polling will take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., as announced by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Manipur on April 20.

Source: PIB, Deccan Herald

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Written by Prasad