Persuit of rights

Every human has some rights which should be respected and followed to live a life of dignity. Despite the promised rights, people suffer and are still suffering

23 Jun '24
1 min read


Rights, rights, rights,

A word like a shining light.

People starving on barren street,

Where is the right to live with dignity?

Under the forest cover where the tribals reside,

Fears of the day when they won't have a place to hide.

The riches won't know why RIGHTS are wonder doors,

'Cause people like us fear to be left in remote wars.


Conflicts on the borders,

So why are we threatened and our security endangered?

Why must the fear of suppression, rape, abduction

Linger in our minds like certain impurity?

If we have the right to security,

How long to live in refugee camps?

When will the faith in RIGHTS light its lamp?


Don't go out at night,

Don't be a fool, not everyone is an angel of paradise.

What's the price girls must pay?

To feel they won't be someone's prey or their own sacrifice.


The UN came up with a set of rights for every individual,

'Cause the world isn't so soft to be a miracle.

If everyone starts to respect each other's rights the way they wish their own to be respected,

The world would be a place just like our leaders asserted.



Written by Jiya Gupta

A poet