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Parallel Paradox

A deep dive into human perceptions

28 Apr '24
2 min read


“Contrast is what makes photography interesting.”. Have you ever tried to analyze whether your vision goes onto something regular or on those things which seem to be peculiar in nature? Let us take a minute to think on it.

Just imagine you are traveling through the woods. You pass by a tree that has grown just like any other tree and the very next moment you pass by another tree which has grown into something amusing, taking numerous twists and turns. Which tree would get you captivated? Take 30 seconds to visualize and decide. Now be honest! Have you considered the ordinary tree or the tree with twists and turns? I am sure you must have chosen the second one.

Now come back to mankind. Would you like to have fellowship with someone who is not rigid, fickle-minded, and immoral or with someone who is rigid, stable, and having high morality? You must have definitely chosen the second type.

What an irony it is! Twists and turns in nature amuse people but in contrast, humans with straight thinking alone can attract people.

But all I can say is all five fingers are not same. Whatever type of a person you are, your greatest strength is your character.

Category : Philosophy


Written by Saideepthi Bevara

A passionate student who dwells in the realms of writing on various aspects of the society.