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MY 2023!

Hopes, prayers and lessons.

03 Jan '24
5 min read


We entered 2024 and let’s take a look at my 2023 journey, lessons I learnt, things I’m grateful for and my vision on 2024. 

Oh! ‘Happy New Year’!

2023 was definitely a life changing year for me. It was not easy or beautiful as I wanted it to be or as I expected it to be. May be that’s the case with many people. For me 2023 definitely started on a very happy note as I took first trip of the year with my best friends to my most favorite place, Mysore. This trip was so impromptu and unplanned but at last we all had fun and made memories together.

 February was definitely one of the best months as I, along with my NGO team-mates painted 65 years old Government school at Yemmekhan in Chickmagaluru. We also spent amazing time with students there, I taught them English alphabet, rhymes, played games, sang songs and had so much fun. 

March just passed with presentation , project works and report submissions. Hmm! I know most of you can understand how the month March usually be.

April was the month when I took my second trip of the year with my two best friends to South Canara. This trip remains special cause we literally tried exploring more than 15 places in 3 days.

May, the month I got graduated. Hmm! The month that was so overwhelming, the last days of Engineering, the last days of meeting friends every day, the last days to enjoy college canteen wala Maggie and an unexplainable void that remains forever. 

June, July just passed thinking about what next? Figuring things out and still wondering how did 4 years of Engineering passed so quickly? 

August month has my heart as I took my third trip of the year to Munnar with my gang. It was 4 days trip but we never wanted it to end. This trip was so necessary for me. I learnt so many things in those 4 days about life, friendship, gratitude, this experience is gonna remain with me forever.

September and October were the months of celebrations as one of my cousins got married and we had an amazing experience celebrating it each day with family.

November and December just passed so quickly and I still wonder what did I do in those two months, I know this sounds funny. But I just feel 2023 ended way too quickly. Oh wait, how can I miss the Christmas celebration that our NGO organized for specially abled children, 2023 definitely ended on a serene note.

May be the above mentioned experiences were just a part of my 2023, those were the happy moments or the moments that I’m grateful for, but there were many more moments that were not pleasant. Yes, even I was sad for many things in life, no month of mine has passed without pain. Financial instabilities, no mental peace, multiple failures, self doubt, lack of motivation, family and friends issues there were many things. 

People of my age were just living their lives getting new jobs, travelling, partying where as I was still figuring out what I want in life, trying to know more about me, fighting my own battles just to survive, analyzing many things about life, trying to overcome my fears, facing many difficult situations alone, it was definitely not easy. 

Definitely 2023 was not a cakewalk. 2023 has been different to all of us. May be most of us just survived whereas we all wanted to live. 

But I always kept reminding good things that happened to me to make sure that  I never loose hope and I never lost hope. Many times I did cry, I did scream but made sure to never quit. I understood our perspective towards life matters a lot. I realized it’s not necessary to be a part of rat race. It’s okay to take breaks, it’s okay to take things slowly, it’s okay to give time for oneself and to understand oneself instead of just competing in life. Many things didn’t work out in my favor in 2023 but if I just give  a thought I feel that didn’t work out so I feel I’m in a better place today. I feel 2023 blessed many of us in many disguise ways.

It's been four years since I started my journey as a freelance writer but it was 2023 that I started making at least a small amount out of it. I’m so proud to be a part of my NGO which is an International Service Club, where I volunteer, participate in many service activities, involve myself in many social service activities, work as a content writer and associate social media manager there, I get to meet new people, travel, learn many things and feel life is beautiful. 

May be life becomes hard to teach us something that stays with us for life. We become stronger and maybe Universe is just making us deserve for what is coming for us next. 

2023 made me strongly believe in hopes, prayers and hard work. 

I don’t know how my 2024 is going to be. But one thing I make sure is to not loose hope and trust. I promise myself to never quit. I will make sure to work towards things that gives me happiness, I’ll make sure to travel , make time for myself and my loved ones. Will have a better perspective towards life, never compare, never compete, be grateful and actually LIVE. 

I wish this year be filled with immense love and success for everyone. 


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Written by Jeevitha H S

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