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Mulberry Bites

08 May '24
6 min read


'Oh! Uncle these mulberries are too yummy. May I take one cup at home?' a cute little voice whispered.

'Of course my dear! Share with your younger ones too.'-Mr. Lal replied.

“MULBERRIES” Those green-black yummy cylindrical creatures in this heaven that fruit every season and are the second most favourite of Uncle Lal after Ashu.

Uncle Lal was a farmer who retired only physically but not from his soul. His body doesn't allow him to work in the field but Soul agreed to decorate a square feet home for birds, squirrels and rabbits.

In those square feet, there was a mulberry tree, a 10-year-old mulberry tree.

Every evening Mr. Lal used to sit under it and all the members of his garden used to be there.

Birds tasted those mulberries and danced, rabbits used to pick those fallen mulberries and squirrels gleaned and stored them in their burrows.

Mr. Lal sat and enjoyed all this with his cup of tea which he always used to correct by Ashu.

Neighbour's children came to fill their cups and Mr. Lal never said "NO" to them.

It was a time when there were heavy rains for 3 days and Mr. Lal got sick.

It was quarter 10 at night, and Mr Lal and Ashu were enjoying the warmth of the bonfire and staring out the window. Mulberry tree was struggling in the storm that is portrayed from the glass window which is three-fourths covered with fog.

Past 11, Mr. Lal suddenly lost his senses as he had a stroke. Ashu tried to understand the situation and ran outdoors without wasting a second to call Dr Seth (Mr Lal's Neighbour).

Luckily, he was at home.

Dr Seth did the check-up and declared that Mr Lal went to COMA.

Dr Seth told me to keep him happy in any situation. Mulberries! Mr. Lal's favourites. So, Ashu decided to open the window and Mr. Lal would surely be happy seeing the tree. So, he went outside to remove the fog from the window.

The next morning, the storm got silent and Ashu got one more shock. The mulberry tree fell apart result of the storm. All birds flew away, and rabbits and squirrels lost their homes. It was like all dreams shattered in one go. He got jumbled that he should save the house or rabbits and squirrels or try to open the window.

He first decided to arrange the garden and got a big box full of cotton and helped the rabbits and squirrels to settle down in that box.

Then he came inside and excused that due to heavy rain, the window got stuck.

We have to call the carpenter to fix it.’ He gave medicine to Mr. Lal and went into the kitchen.

Ashu was full of sweat, his mind got stuck and he didn't understand what to do then.

Suddenly a message popped up in his phone and with god's grace Ashu got an idea. He didn’t know whether it would help or not but he decided with his all motivation, to execute it.

He ordered different types of colours and 50 big canvases.

Now Ashu was living his dream life.

The first night, he painted some miracles and fixed that canvas at the same spot where the mulberry tree was before. And plant a new mulberry plant behind it. Ashu took care of the new member like his younger brother.

The next morning when sunrays strike the window, Mr. Lal's face is full of happiness. After 5 days, Ashu saw the smile on Mr Lal's face. In the evening, Ashu helped the rabbits and squirrels build their home again and bring food too.

All the neighbours were in shock after seeing the miracle. 

Ashu used to change the canvas daily. For 50 days, he regularly painted them. Although it took around 10 years for the new member, to reach its maturity and bloom Ashu didn't lose his hope.

After 7 months 

Now Mr. Lal is recovering and he started walking on his own. He used to roam in his house but was unable to step out.

One day, Mr. Sinha (Mr. Lal's neighbour) visits their home. Sitting on the chair near Mr. Lal's bed, in between the conversation he discloses the truth.

Mr Lal has a smile on his face.

Mr Sinha is confused, Are you happy or sad?' 

Mr Lal replied - 'I knew this for the past 6 months. On the third day, I got to know about this. But I didn't want to spoil Ashu's ideas and efforts. I am so lucky that I got Ashu as my son.'

Ashu is a great painter, but he has never accepted. After an hour's talk, Mr Sinha left.

Ashu entered Mr. Lal's room to give him medicines. 

Mr Lal asked Ashu-'do you prepare for your exhibition?’

Ashu didn't reply to anything as because of Mr Lal's health, he forgot to work on the notification that popup in Ashu's phone 6 months back, was a reminder of the 

Exhibition. Mr Lal was the one who applied on behalf of Ashu. Now he was feeling guilty because of his health issues, Ashu would miss this great opportunity. 

The exhibition will go to held in the next five days and there is nothing to present.

At 5:00 pm, Mr Lal was sitting near the small mulberry plant and rewinding his past 6 months, suddenly he smiled and called Ashu.

Ashu came running from the kitchen.

Mr Lal asked How many canvases, have you painted?' 

He replied-'Total 50.'

Mr Lal's with a shocked face- ''Total 50…., show me all of them.' 

Ashu directed him to the store room. When the door opened. His eyes were torn apart.

The room was filled with 100's of colours reflecting the walls. There was a journey of 

mulberries. Mr. Lal lived the life of his mulberry tree in that room.

He shouted This was the perfect collection for the exhibition!’

Ashu had no words to say. Those tears in his eyes are speaking every single word.

They presented those collections in the exhibition and Ashu was facilitated with a mulberry trophy, a mulberry bite and a cheque amounting to 3 lakhs. Ashu hugged Mr. Lal so tightly and thanked him from his heart. Mr Lal showed Ashu his palm offering mulberry. Ashu picked that mulberry, took a bite and gave another half to Mr Lal. That mulberry bite was the tastiest among all. 



Category : Stories


Written by Priyanshi Mittal