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Moving ahead of failures

You can do it!

08 May '24
3 min read


"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." 

quoted by Mother Teresa .


In life you could have taken some wrong turns you could have made mistakes Grave, Graver,Gravest.No! what went wrong in your life never let it define you. You can walk past all the wrong chapters and write your own happy endings. Let  those chapters remain as lesson learned.Let people judge, let people scowl, let people jeer you, demean you, belittle you, but Alway remember it's your story and you have to make it right you don't owe any explanation to the close judgmental eyes and stereotypical perception of success and failure. 

They have perceived you according to your bad days and worst times. dont let them deter you from your journey and your paths. It's never too late to make the right decision it's never that difficult to move on from a situation where you don't find yourself fitting in. define yourself  with love ,compassion kindness, mercy, grace, strength and humanity above all. never allow yourself to be looked down, No failure is big enough to deter you from the next try. Your are precious your failures don't define you.  

Nobody knows your worth accept you. no matter how hard it seems don't give up work on yourself . Ask for help for guidance for motivation for inspiration for learning don't be shy to show you vulnerability it's always good to seek advice to seek counseling . It's not about the survival of the fittest let's make a world which can fit the weakest and the strongest alike each with its uniqueness and special abilities, with equal rights to live and flourish. Don't give the pen in someone's hand it's your story and your going to write till the time when the ending is perfect .Be brave be strong be bold be the best version of yourself just like the Phoenix who rises from its own ashes. Rise up stand tall walk on the roads u decide to walk. Dig up your own road if you don't find one. I'm  pretty sure the road you create will be followed by someone someday going through the same troubles you gone through and will take lessons from your journey to continue ahead,  Because where your journey ends someone else's begin. Be the saviour of Tomorrow by sharing your experience of failure, depression and anxiety tell them how you overcome the darkest hour and let everyone know they posses the same power let people know winning is overc ming what you went through and it is possible. Be proud of yourself and love yourself truly. 


With love ,

Silvia peter.

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Written by Silvia Peter

Thoughtful observer