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Mother's Glory

10 Jun '24
1 min read


Someone says that my face resembles that of my mother

I feel overwhelmed because I do not see more beautiful than my mother 


She is an idol of sacrifice and tolerance 

Beyond sorrow, worry and fear I feel my mother's embrace 


All I can say is that my identity, my existence is my mother 

My lovely world resides in the lap of my loving mother 


My mother understands everything I say without speaking 

She saves me from all troubles and keeps me in prayer while praying 


When surrounded by storms, my mother becomes like a rock having strong determination 

Her jewel is love, affection and dedication 


There is no end to horizon, even the path of ocean is less than mother's love

It is worthy to worship her before God because my mother is the basis of my life


What should I write about the GLORY of my mother 

I have fallen short of words to explain the MOTHER 


She is limitless, the earth and sky are from her 

I am nothing, even the Lord prostrates before the Mother 



Written by Bidyadhar Mantry