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Tip of best parenting

A child follows their parents first, so set yourself the best example in the eyes of your child.

29 Apr '24
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"Parents are a gift from the Supreme Being to every child." Who dedicate their lives to fulfilling their children's hopes and dreams. Parents, selfless love is beyond any precious stone. 

However, some parents cannot fulfil their child's hopes due to unfavourable family conditions. "They are compelled to crush their child's dreams." Perhaps it is not mandatory.

Let me narrate the story of Heera Mani, the daughter of Pakistan’s small village. She dreamed of becoming a doctor, but she was an underprivileged child, so her dream was hard to fulfil. Although her fate seemed to have other plans, an NGO came and adopted Heera Mani, provided a scholarship, or encouraged her potential. As a result, her childhood dream came true, and she became the first doctor in her village.

The story teaches us that:

If underprivileged children are educated well, they will be game-changers for their families, like Heera Mani.

But these things are possible if some contributors come and contribute their potential or wealth for the welfare of underprivileged children. Then, every child changes their destiny, like Heera Mani.

But is it only the responsibility of these organisations to serve the nation?

We proudly tell the tale of our country's warriors and how they serve their motherland to our children. But isn’t it better if we set ourselves as an example of the country's patriotism in the eyes of our children?

If you ask me how,? So it’s easy; you should connect with these NGOs and contribute your time, your passion, and your wealth to the welfare of underprivileged children.

Be mind it

A child follows their parents first, so set yourself the best example in the eyes of your child.

Category : Parenting and Family


Written by Yukti Maheshwari