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09 May '24
3 min read


7:30 pm. /Maa

यूं तो मैं, दिखलाता नहीं
तेरी परवाह करता हूं मैं, मां!

"It's 7:30 pm, already! Switch on the lights, लाडो! People worship the god at this time. Don't sit in the dark. Switch on the lights, come on! And what's this, the coffee mug is still here.

"I don't want to, maa! Leave me alone. I like darkness more. And that mug, I'll clean it. "

The glassware you hide from us, in which only guests are supposed to eat, I'm hiding my emotions and feelings, maa. Just like that. But the only dissimilarity is, you know, when and where to open up the things you're hiding, but the immature me doesn't know this. I hide them from everybody. You, Paa, freinds and everyone else.
I slowly started growing apart from you, the day I stopped showing you my writings. Your daughter was afraid of being judged. She writes about you, she writes on you, she writes for you more often. She just doesn't show you. She still loves you, maa. She does. I know!

You know, my marks are dropping a bit these days. I'm trying hard. On some days, I sleep at 2:00 am and on some, I don't sleep. I study, mumma. I won't make you upset, anymore. And also, these days I'm loving iced coffee too. Remember, when you made iced coffee for me once, and I didn't drink it. Because hot coffee was the only thing I used to survive for. Your daughter is growing up. She has changed a lot. Hainaa, maa?

My heart breaks after being mean to you, shouting at you. You remember, some days ago, I dropped my glass palette which was also having some colours in it? Yes yes, the one that I bought online. I broke that palette and the colours were on the floor too. But only the broken pieces of palette caught our attention, the colours were spilled on floor too, and later on they were mopped away. I feel like those spilled colours after  misbehaving with you. And you're like the palette. Everyone thinks that only your heart broke and I don't care. But no one sees that I feel useless and spoilt like those spilled colours after being mean to you.

चेहरे पे आने देता नहीं
दिल ही दिल में घबराता हूं मैं, मां

I still listen to the song "maa" from Taare Zameen Par, which we watched together when I was 6 years old. It's close to us, right? Yes, it's close.

"It's 8:30 pm, What are you doinggg! It's been an whole hour. Just get up  fast now, turn the lights on and come out. God knows, what you do sitting here in the dark all day and what goes on on your silly mind."

"I'm coming. Let me complete this assignment, first.

तुझे सब है पता, है ना मां?

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Written by Aishwary raj