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Life and perspectives

Learn, grow and live

30 Oct '23
6 min read


‘Life’ the word seems to be so simple, but is it that simple or complicated or is it just our perspectives? 

Everyone has got different opinions on life. But what actually life is?

Is it just a way of surviving or following the societal rules or indeed living? 

Do we ever try to look at our lives without any peer pressure or societal dilemmas? Or has this world made us stick to 9-5 life and think that’s how life is lead?

Or do we ever need a definition for life?

I feel we don’t try to see what is life for us from our own perspectives instead we always try to see our lives from other’s perspectives. We rarely try to understand what we need in our lives instead we try to create a life as per the society standards or how we want other’s to see our lives. Is it right?

I do agree life throws hell lot of difficulties , does that mean life is difficult? Or will it be only difficult? Don’t you think it is just situations and time. As good time passes the difficult ones shall pass too. Is it necessary to label life?

We all are so busy in our lives that we indeed forget to actually live it. Why do we think life as a competition? Is it so necessary to compare ourselves with others? I don’t think so.

Somebody doing fine must be an inspiration and not competition. Do we ever compare our pains? No right, then why is it necessary to compare good things? Some great things for us can be just good things for others or some good things for us can be great things for others we never know. Everybody has got their own battles to fight and we need to understand that to simplify our lives.

As a writer I have different perspective towards life, as a poetess I feel life is equal to love but as a person I have different perspectives towards life and that might be unique from others. I recently had a thought ‘What’s the essence of life?’ and this made me wonder many things about life in a very different way. I understood many things as I tried to analyze it in my own way under no societal pressure. 

I felt I’m not grateful or satisfied with many things in life. I do have a job but complain how difficult it is to work, I have a person who is asking if I am doing fine but still crave for the attention of that one person who barely cares. We unsee so many little things in every day life that can actually make life easier and better.

We tend to think living as per fixed society standards is what’ life’ is. But that isn’t. Life is all about our dreams, our perspectives, our emotions, our principles, and our vision. This should be ours and not based on what others want us to be. 

Who said life needs to be perfect or happy all the time? If  life doesn’t throw challenges or different situations how do you think we can grow as individuals? We always expect life to be a garden of Roses and often ignore the beauty of the Sunflower field that we are living in. 

There is an incredible Hindi song from the movie Andaz sung by Kishore Kumar “Zindagi ek safar hain suhaana yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana” , I think these two lines are sufficient for us to understand at least something about life and its beauty.

I think life becomes simple if we start appreciating little things that gives us happiness or makes us feel good. Or it becomes more significant when we understand the beauty of imperfection.

Understanding life is like finding a beautiful pearl in the deep blue ocean. Diving and striving deep is hard but once done, will definitely find that charming pearl that is so precious and serene. 

I believe in spreading smiles. If a person smiles back I feel happy that I at least made that person forget his/her sorrow for a second. This might be weird for some but it’s one my ways of living life. This is not it , I write a poem or a story and wonder life is so much in itself, have my favorite meal, talk to my closed ones, buy flowers for myself, send letters to my parents, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, listen to my favorite music, star gaze and I find happiness in these and these are little things that actually make me feel I’m living and not just surviving.

Let me narrate a small story now, it was 12th of this month and I was having a very bad day because nothing was going as per I planned. Later that day I went to my favorite chai point, I only go there when I feel low, that day I ordered my chai and saw a kid smiling at me, I smiled back, then we shared chai and today he is my little cute friend. This is when I understood sometimes our plan doesn’t work because Universe has better plans. Hmm! think of it?

I feel there is so much in nature that teaches about life everyday to us. The way the Sun rises, the way it sets, the way it is dark but the Moon brings a ray of hope, it was Autumn few days back and it is Spring now. Don’t you think that’s how our lives are too? 

 I know life isn’t easy, we might face many difficulties, we might come under societal pressure but all these shouldn’t define our lives. Let’s at least try to give ourselves one more chance to understand ourselves and pick ourselves up. Let’s keep tiny little steps to achieve our dreams, be kind to ourselves and others, make time for ourselves and our loved ones, let’s enjoy a cup of coffee peacefully, dance to our favorite song happily, let’s be grateful, let’s have optimistic perspective towards life, trust the process and actually’ LIVE and LET LIVE’

Let’s let go of things that are not good for us, let’s not have regrets for things that didn’t work for us, let's be grateful for things that worked out for us, let’s hold on to the HOPE of better days and sing ‘LOVE YOU ZINDAGI’ .




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Written by Jeevitha H S

an enthusiastic writer Coffee, letters, poetries, rain and flowers