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Unwritten Paths: The Courage to Be Me

18 Jun '24
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  Is this easy to accept all…

In a world where others write my script,

I strive to stand tall, but their words leave me stripped,

Judgment rains down as I'm breaking apart,

Trying to mend my soul, but it's tearing at the heart.

I dream of my own path, a journey unknown,

Yet they shove me aside, my dreams overthrown,

Their wishes like chains, binding me tight,

Leaving my aspirations lost in the night.

I yearn for understanding, for love's gentle embrace,

But they mold and they shape me, erasing my grace,

Forcing their mold on my unique soul,

Leaving me fractured, no longer whole.

Even in moments of joy, they mock and they sneer,

Dimming my light, drowning out every cheer,

Their laughter like daggers, piercing my soul,

Leaving me stranded, no longer whole.

I long to break free from this cycle of pain,

But my doubts hold me back, driving me insane,

Trapped in this turmoil, longing for peace,

Yet finding only chaos, my spirit released.

Can I find solace in this storm of dismay,

Can I rise above, find my own way,

In this lifetime of struggle, can I learn to embrace,

Even my own flaws, despite the world's harsh face?

Category:Personal Experience


Written by Suganya Palraj