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Motivational Therapy this Yugadi

10 Apr '24
4 min read


 Let this Yugadi the Hindu New Year bring lots of new hopes.
Let us join our hands and pray for the prosperity and well-being of mankind. 
The sprouting green on every dried stalk of the tree is the sign of a new start after the fall, As every fruit has to wait patiently to get ripe, we have to wait to get an opportunity to prove ourselves. 

Winning is not an easy affair, life is sure to throw a lemon at you, pick up those lemons with huge guts, and turn them into sweet sharbat . Win an everyday battle with' I can do it' attitude, and never give up. 

Testing time is very short and quickly vanishes. Worry less, smile more, eat healthy, sleep early. Dance to the tune's favorite number like nobody is watching. Sing at the top of your voice, run on the grass, meet friends, and make friends.  See your ego doesn't stop you from reaching your loved ones. Lend your helping hands to the elders around you. Except less, be contended with what you have. Life is very short, live it to the fullest. Enjoy every bit, and learn to laugh at your flaws, accept your mistakes, and compromise with your weaknesses. multiple positive thoughts sprout up within you. Your vibes should be catchy, and your intuition should be sharp to grasp the vibes of positive people. Build a network of like-minded people. Dwell in the circle of mutual motivation. 

Applaud the people you adore, and encourage others for their achievements however small it is. Such deeds bring you a lot of blessings. Such blessings work like a shield, protecting you from evil eyes. Failing is not the end, challenges are part of life, and facing them with all your vigor is what makes you a superhero. You do have superpower just call away. Identify them, work on them, and build them as your weapons to fight the battle for success. 

We are standing on the threshold of ‘krodhi Naam samvtsaram’, do you know ‘khrodhi means ’Anger',  this year let's control our anger, anger is like a fire that burns our inner strength and turns us into a grey personality. But at the same time lit your anger towards injustice, deception, betrayal, bullying, and other malpractice. Don’t be under the misconception that not getting angry, not raising your voice against injustice towards yourself or somebody else is very acceptable. It’s utter foolishness. It’s inhuman silent about injustices. All have equal rights and it’s your major responsibility to leave them to lead life peacefully.  

Practice makes a man perfect, but another interesting theory manifestation. If you think something good is going to happen with me constantly, consistently then it does happen. Many big icons that we see today have experimented with this theory of grabbing good results. 

Meanwhile, you also try positive affirmations in the mirror every sunrise. 

I am ok,

 I will do it,

 I have the talent, 

 I can become successful,

 All pay attention to me. 

Such positivity will take you to the top that you dreamt of. Start with a simple resolution, that is easy to pursue.
Never feel lonely, work on your passion along with your academics or work life. That will multiply your zeal, your enthusiasm, and your self-confidence. Try to learn new skills. It might be cooking skills, or new computer language. It might be driving or theater. Decorate some new feathers in your cap. This will ultimately lead you to the doors of success.  You will stand ahead of others, you will be the winner, owner, and earner of the title 'Baziger' Haar kar jeetnewalo Jo Baziger khate hain….Be a Bazigar, not a looser 

Mrunalini ❤❤



Category : Personal Development


Written by Mrunalini Agarkhed

English,Kannada Blogger