Smiling through silent sufferings

30 Jun '24
2 min read


How does it really feel? what went wrong?

A burden? a void? lingering in shadows unrevealed

To be ignored just like the whispers of wind

An echo of longings, left unnoticed

Am i invisibe, can beings even take a glance at me.    

 A blank page , a life filled with void 

the day shall never come,said her soul firmly

even though her erratic heart refused to beleive it

But shadows of silence engulf me in night,

navigating the labyrinth of human hearts,will i ever get a solution

Seeking solace, yet lost in the dark,alone,lonely

Each smile I encounter conceals a hidden sting,

Why am i not loved? i dont deserve love i know

Like a ghost among mortals, I drift through days,

Yearning for a gaze that would brighten my ways.

I watch as others enlight in love's warm glow,

While I stand alone, consumed by endless woe.

Thoughts torment my mind, a relentless tide,

Am I worthy of affection? Am I too flawed to find?

Self-doubt slowly drowning me will the warmth within me fade away too?  

weak matches are cast aside , ignored and abandoned

Like a matchstick extinguished, my hope 

As I embrace the reality that I am unseen

my world seems too small , or did i think so?

Will beings even notice me just once

A lost soul wandering in a desolate land,

A phantom longing for a love I cannot command.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a flicker remains,

A whisper of resilience that softly sustains.

Though unseen by others, I know my own worth,

And I will not surrender to the shadows' rebirth.

With each passing day, I gather my strength,

crumbling breaking , shutting the cries from my heart 

Embracing the solitude that conceals my torment.

For in the depths of isolation, I find my voice,

The emotions that time cannot destroy.

I am unseen, but I am not unheard

My heart carries love and care, filled with life

I am worthy of love, even if it takes time,

And I will not let the darkness extinguish my shine.

So, I wait, with patient hope and unyielding grace,

For the day the shadows part, and love finds its place.

Until then, I will nurture my inner flame,

Knowing that one day, I too will be seen and reclaimed.

will i be ever be given a hand , atleast when i am drowning



Written by Rudy