Ifs and But

Have you ever been in a floating stage before taking a crucial decision in any scenario?

07 Jun '24
2 min read


We all have faced the phase but how many have countered the barrier successfully that I don't know. Ifs and but are stationed at the second last step of the final stage of achievement. It's a wall that we need to penetrate to achieve the success of our goal. At this stage we all think about the decision whether it's would be correct or wrong rather than believing in our actions. We need to continuously act rather than think about the decision which derails us from the path of our goal.
We are putting barriers like whether the decision taken will be correct or not between us and our goal on ourselves. We can eliminate ifs and but with the implementation of the points in our daily routine life which are mentioned below 
Be clear with the concept before initiating the work
Keep the process simple in the execution of the task
Plan for the initial requirement of the goal
 Lesson to be learned from the activity
Focus on taking action rather than thinking about the final result
Take feedback from the resulting outcome
Keep moving forward
We need to keep our journey moving on and not get affected by inappropriate results outcomes. We need to derive feedback from the resulting outcome and learn from the failures. The failures will make us strong and not weak. We need to understand the failure as we have tried with a wrong approach so now we are having an experience in the execution of the action with the better approach. We can say that now we don't need to start the project with level 1 as we are knowing the working process of the system.



Written by Yash Chhaya Sanjay Trivedi

I am passionate about drawing imagination into words and conveying thoughts with a message for everyone's understanding.