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How to tackle negative people in profession

Mental health, negative energy ,jealous people

10 Jun '24
3 min read


Every professional has biggest problem on their life to tackle with negative people .So many people ask me how to handle these type people in work place and why they behind us ?

First let us understand root cause of problem .people coment bothering your peace and harmony .negative people involvement distract you from work .

This is the root cause for every unhappy hardworking employee in the company .This issue should be identified by HR and management,else it becomes harsshment and bulliness in later stages .Most efficient employees leave the best companies because of toxic working environment ,where company management no where responsible but early identification of toxic work culture may reduce loss in company in later days . 

Usually mangement hire MBA graduates and HR too look out these kind of problems within organisation but when middle m gement fail to identify the crises in organisation or company .it effects on its output and quality and finally affects profit share .

Some of MNC hiring counsellors,psychiatrist to solve this office pressure and partially successfull.

Employer only successful of entire employee feel their office is best to work and also they should feel protected ,honoured ,appreciated ,financial growth and growth in skills and quality then only employee retain in one company else they resign the job . 

Now as empoyee point of view when mangement is best and company is too good ,package is too good if you feel toxic environment then you need find solution for your self .

Here the done useful tips to  safeguard from toxic people 

1.Respect the toxic people even if they are wrong and irritable ,by doing this they go away by doing this trouble .

2.Ignore their presence in your life .

3.Ignore their words ,behaviour,backbiting ,back stabbing etc all . Whatever may be their efforts ,it won't valid until you react it .

4.Never leav your aim,goals and plan  in any condition just focus on your work and be strong to achive it irrespective of disturbance and even after many  failure .

5.learn the things from failure and restart and refocus and change  the procedure for project .

6.Series of failure may distract your from path but just remember you are near to your success at this stage so never give up .

7.Failure ,insult  ,loss is common in success path but updating and learning in critical situation  is very important .

8.Even after your harship and focuss work even if you coworker wants to destroy career and your project please report to your seniors ,HR,mangement about the issue with valid proofs .

If mangement won't take any action even after several complaints means it is very much sure they are not intersted to protect you and your work and they not interested in your job then it's better to quite job and find best job which suits your profile .

9.Neber harmony your inner peace ,aim,dreams for toxic people .

Just fight for your dreams not with toxic people .


Written by Veerabhadragouda Patil